Sunday, May 31, 2009

a little more seriously now

I always write the stupidest entries ever. It seems I'm never satisfied with them. Ever. Ever. Ever. It also seems that they tend to not have a point anymore. Hm. Just recently the E string on my electric guitar snapped and I've plunged into a sea of guitarless-ness. It's kind of horrible. But, thank the lord! Yesterday, I took a dear friend of mine's acoustic guitar and spent a good two hours learning how to play a song.

Life is good.

On tumblr they have this thing called MLIA. Which I think is used to make fun of FML. Fml--> Fuck my life. MLIA--> my life is average. Fun fun funny! So I guess you could say that going on acquiredminds for the first time in a long time struck a note of guilt. Then, because of that guilt I clicked the new post button in order to post an article. The funny thing is, that it's all an act of guilt. Does that make sense? I don't seem to make sense a lot these days. MLIA.

I guess guilt makes people do a lot of things. I think guilt was the root of the phrase I'm Sorry, and also the root of breakup/makeup sex (Hi, Digital Delay!). It's also the root for those "I'm sorry let's have breakup/makeup sex" songs. How nice. It seems guilt is a strong force if it can make it sound like it belongs to the billboard top 100.

In the end, all I have to say is that I don't seem to know what I'm thinking anymore. Yet, at the same time, it seems that my thoughts have been more clear. Doest that make sense? I need to stop asking that. I just want you guys to know that if I had more purpose in what I wrote, I'd definitely come on here more often. If I could find the right words to convey the message in my mind, I'd definitely be able to keep you guys coming for more of our acquired taste.

a little less guilty now,

karma police

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make your move

So it's almost the end of the year. The end of the school year, that is. It seems to me that a lot has changed from it's beginning to it's end- one of the biggest being that as of now I seem to be constantly MIA from this website. You all can blame tumblr for my absence, and my new lack of anonymity (thanks for posting it without my permission guys -_-)

If there's anything I've learned this year, it's that love's not a competition (but I'm winning... or at least I thought so). Oh did you guys see that? Quote integration! That should boost up my essay grade! Ha ha ha.

It seems that I've learned a lot in the game of love this year. Some things I've learned are:

  • never keep a relationship a huge secret
  • never date within whatever extracurricular activity you do.
  • first kisses (if it's both of your first kisses) will be wet.
  • FCK REJECTION! Kind of.
  • boys are not as insensitive as we think they are
  • never let a someone you have romantic interest with write in your book in pen.
  • don't let your romantic interest ever keep you from doing things you want to do.
  • kissing. kissing. kissing. kissing. <3>
That's basically some of the stuff I've learned. Basically. Romantically, it seems I've learned a lot about myself. But it also seems that I have a crudload of other stuff to learn, as well. I know that my friends are always going to want to know about whowhatwhenwhere and that they'll be there for me no matter who I perk interest in.

What a year;

p.s. dude. take off my tumblr yeah?

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Oh hey, look who's back. It's been a while, but I thought it'd be nice to come back. Kinda like breakup sex, or make makeup sex, either one. Anyway, I've been doing a bit of thinking (as in...thinking right now as I make this article...), the kind that comes in minuscule amounts (my favorite kind!). It's bad for you to think too much. But, what is it about the past that we agonize over? I know it's a cliche, and people like avoiding cliches, so I'm not being cliche by being cliche, so it's all good. But, the past contains everything we don't want it to, and as human beings, we are forced by our insidiously nasty nature to constantly ponder about our wouldas, couldas, and shouldas.

People will say that there's no point in remember the past, but I still think it's a good idea to remember how old your kids are, if you have any. That's the funny thing about the past, there are good things (memories) and bad things (memories/STDs/bitchy-exes)). But sometimes those good things are bad, and those bad things are good (funny ol' world isn't it?).

Sometimes those good memories do nothing but taunt you. They wag their happy little asses at you as you sit there staying dumbfounded at how happy their asses are. You wish you too, could you happily wag your happy ass at miserable suckers like yourself. You wish you could revisit those moments, relive them. Maybe, if your a lucky bastard, those memories will give you strength, instead of suck it out of you, like a Delilah (thank you 30 Rock). But shame that they often don't. And then, there are those bad moments, like when you got that STD, or when you lost something very important, or you did something stupid becuase you were a stupid bitch. Now, maybe you'll learn a thing or two. That counts as a good thing right?


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's called a HUG.

"When you hug someone, never be the first to let go."

It’s a five-second moment,
I get once in a while.
I live for these moments,
for one, I’d walk a mile.

Every single time,
it makes me feel great.
And at the right time,
never too late.

A brief bit of contact
that I could share with one.
So warm is that contact,
and always so much fun.

It’s a magical bond,
which we can all relate.
An extraordinary bond,
to love and create.

You can find me smiling,
because the moment is all mine.
Everyone would be smiling,
because everything is just fine.


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More than Necessary

"For the first two years of a child's life, we spend every waking hour trying to get the child to communicate. Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out how we can reverse the process." -Erma Bombeck

Parents have the fantastic job of having a child. Then raising them. Which means feeding, burping, taking care of, getting scratched in the face, performing potty duty, and waking up at 2 AM to soothe the crying child while being frustrated because they don’t know what the baby wants. What parent doesn’t want their child to start talking?

Then the kid reaches the “terrible two’s”. He/she can crawl and walk now, say “no” to nearly everything, and eat a decent array of food. Most of all, they know a basic amount of vocabulary. Unfortunately, if the parents hadn’t supervised their language, the poor innocent kid might be reciting some curse words now and then. Cute, but not good. Regret #1.

Ah, school. It gets more interesting. The child begins to learn more foreign languages, and new information. With no one else to tell their profound discoveries, they unload it in a messy barrage on their parents. “Di’ you know da numba 8 has two circles in it?! COOL!” Regret #2.

And then comes the more dreaded part--puberty and the teenage years. Yes, we understand the mood swings, the different voices, and the modified body parts. But what many parents don’t understand is why their teenagers start getting upset with them for no reason, and refuse to listen. Did puberty plug their ears with something, too?...besides an iPod? Regret #3.

Off to college and beyond. Believe me, I bet parents would be bald by this point after pulling at their hair, wishing their children could just shut up. Luckily, their child finds the special someone. Then they’re whisked away, gone from the house faster than the time it took to spank, feed, house, and raise them. Now the parents wished they had anything at all to talk to…besides to each other. Regr--well, no regrets.

-the clam.

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"A day without laughter is like a day without sunshine."

I thought this quote was interesting; it's pretty much the story of my life. Ask anyone, I laugh at everything. (The longest time I've lasted in a straight-face contest was 9 seconds.) Despite having a tougher time standing up to others, this is a pretty strong point in my personality, I would think. Laughing rids me of any frustrating problems and makes me real happy. The only thing better than that is making others laugh or smile. It shows genuine joy, and pretty much anybody can [should] laugh: one from a whole different country, one much older or younger than you, it doesn't matter, we can all laugh.

A friend joked once, saying that I was laugh too much, and that my "laugh-o-meter" was running out. Apparently, we have this "laugh-o-meter" thing that indicates the amount of laughter we have in our lives, and I'm "using it up too soon" and I will be "a boring, monotonous person" when I grow old. For me, I think everybody's "laugh-o-meter" is the same: It's infinite.

In fact, I have a "the funniest thing happened today!" every. single. day.



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