Monday, March 31, 2008

March's Theme: Stereotypes and Living

Wow, March is already done! It's been pretty fast (at least, to me).

This month, we newly introduced themes, and March's theme was Stereotypes and Living. In only a matter of 31 days, the Acquired Minds yearned out 24 articles (not including this one) all about stereotypes and living your life.

Earlier this month, we had a poll that asked "Have you ever used a stereotype on someone?". The results were not surprising. Only one person responded "Not directly", while everyone else answered "Yes". This just goes to show that everyone, no matter where or when, has used a stereotype. Stereotypes are a very strong epidemic that's spreading like wildfire, and it'll probably never be stopped.

Okay, moving on. From musical stereotypes to a 'guide on how to pick up a chick', we have it all. The following is a summary of all the articles this month. To take a look at them, just go to the 'Archives' to the right and find the name of the article under 'March'.

Teacher Codes: Ever wondered what your teacher really meant?
Don't Make Me a Target: The fantastic world of labels.
Un-Mistakenly: Making mistakes isn't the end of the world.
Airbag: Your own life's safety net is always there.
POSTSECRET: A truly eye-opening blog.
There only exists one Hawk...: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Lady Hawk!
Security—Gone Wild?: The many things threatening your sense of security.
Finer Feelings: The magic of appreciation.
A Tribute to the Greatest Names in Music: A recollection of exactly what the title says.
music and the world of stereotypes: Being provoked because of your musical tastes.
Mistaken For Strangers: Time is running out.
Time: More discussion on 'time'.
Pre-Life Lottery: Did YOU Win?: How you ended up where you are now.
Fear: Being afraid of what life has got to give.
"They're after me lucky charms!": Info on where St. Patrick's derived from.
A Guide On: How to Pick Up a Chick: Our first duo-article. –burp- Excuse me.
Burn Your Life Down: Being lazy is just one problem.
Feedbacks can now be Acquired: Yay! We have a new feedback email account!
Brighter Than Sunshine: Reality at its best.
But, Honestly: Contentment and happy—two very different things.
Painting a Life Canvas: Choosing the career that you want.
Stressing out about out stressing: I still can't stress that enough.
YOUnique: The things that make your own life uniquely yours.
Wonder here Wander there: Too many questions, too little time.

WHEW! That was one heck of a list. I hope you had a great March with us. Our polls have closed, and our official theme for next month (April) is: Pride and Prejudice. Ooh, this is going to be good...

-the clam.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Wonder here Wander there

There are so many questions I ask and wonder everyday of my life. So many that I forget and some that stick and often pop up in my brain again. Questions like 'What Is Love?' (Baby don't hurt me), and 'what is the meaning of life?' are rather hard to answer, yet isn't that what the mind naturally thinks up. The questions you can't seem to find the answer are the ones that really make you think; are the ones that really stick to you.

I don't know where this article comes from, and for once I'm actually happy about that. Maybe I just want to pull a digital delay and shoot for nothing and write a genius piece of writing? I don't know, but I can still be ruthless if you let me.

It's just that about five minutes ago I remembered my day. I remembered playing crazy eights and then I remembered being little. I remembered The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and again I wondered about infinity. I mean can you really feel infinite? Can you really feel like you can never end and your just... I don't know pure happy?

To me, feeling infinite is looking at your grade and discovering you in fact did get a good grade in math. It's having a day spent laughing and making memories, it's listening to a song that makes you feel, it's glancing at that horizon and finally seeing the ocean. I don't want to tell the world about these moments, and I know I am now, but honestly, it's these moments that really make me happy.

I mean, honestly, haven't you had that moment of time when you just wished that the stars stayed bright in the sky forever? That you could just forever stay on the shores staring out at the sunset? That the your favorite song of the moment wouldn't eventually get old?

I don't really know if people think these things and I honestly don't know if I'm making sense right now. I really don't. Maybe it's lack of sleep maybe it's because I'm listening to Something Corporate, maybe it's because I've been on the computer too long. But what I know is that sometimes, I wish I could feel the way a character in a book feels. I wish I could see 'the flash of anger in her eyes' or 'the loving smile he gave her'. It all seems so... fairytaleish. But then again isn't that why? It's a fairy tale. Nothing but a story.

; What goes around comes around.

Karma Police.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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In your life, you have two choices: to be a somebody be a nobody.
Who doesn’t want to be recognized and remembered for what they are and what they do? Even though many people are judge by their looks, background, clothes, people they mix with, or race, why can't we just accept them for who they are? The real individual can be someone very different...Someone very unique and significant.

Some quotes that I go like to go by?

  • "Dying is the day worth living for."
    - Yes, it's from Pirates of the Caribbean. Duh.

  • "I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they go right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart, so that better things can fall together."
    - Marilyn Monroe

  • "All we need in life is a chance."
    - Tom Brady (I am NOT a Patriots fan.)

  • "When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad that they have to get better. "
    - Malcolm Forbes

  • "What's life without a little risk?"
    - Indeed, this is from Harry Potter 5.

  • "When someone hugs you, never be the first to let go."
    - Fortune Cookie???

  • " God has a plan and everything happens for a reason."
    - (I have no idea.)

There's a lot great quotes out there. I can probably find another fifty that I like. All meaningful.

Expect the unexpected.

...Who knew. Who knew that I would be the first one to move across the country from all my friends? Who'd figure that I would meet new friends that are just as great on this "alien planet"?

...Who knew. Who knew that my parents, who seemed very much in love at one time, would suddenly get a divorce and ruin my life? Why couldn’t I be a normal kid like everyone else, with two parents? What did I do to deserve this?

...Who knew. Who knew that I would be the target of a serial killer living on my street? Being chased by a monster, afraid for my life!

...Who knew. Who knew that my life would be at risk after a tragic accident, and I would be disabled forever?

...Who knew. Who knew that my name would be picked to be drafted to the war on the other side of the world? Who thought that this could happen to me?

There are many brilliant life stories to tell.
What's yours?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Stressing out about out stressing.




I can't stress that any further.

Being a human is such a tough job. You constantly have to worry...and you worry when you don’t even know you're worrying. Kids and adults alike, we're all stressed. Humans are made that way.

Let's take a look at an innocent little student:

"Ugh, okay...well, I have math, history, science, and English homework today...don't forget the science fair project...OH! FREAK! THERE'S A PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT DUE TOMORROW! I haven't even started...not to mention two benchmarks, one test, and one writing exam this week...why, oh why..."

Okay. Now an adult:

"What a tiring day at work...stupid boss...that machine was fixed just moments ago, I swear...I just have to take the blame, don't I, nice-guy...let's see...mail, mail, bill, mail, bill, bill, bill, and bill...FIVE BILLS?! I ain't Bill Clinton am I going to pay all this...I only earn enough to keep my family, I'm hungry...OH **** I FORGOT TO PICK UP CODY FROM PRACTICE!"

You can imagine that adult as a woman or a man...same either way.

It's completely never-ending. As a child, we only get five years of rest (more like actually learning to become a normal person), and then we have to go to school for a minimum of 16 years...then you learn more (if you choose to), get a job...find a family...settle more of your job...survive with your family...get old, know what happens next.

Society has made us like this. We can't do much about it. If you choose not to do well in education, you live on the street...and there goes your life. If you choose not to work your job, say bye to your family and future.

Finances, health, and contentment...these three things are like serial killers waiting to strike at the right moment. Like I stated previously before in my post before this...a person constantly worries if the career they choose will earn them enough money, earn them the right amount of cash to support their lives and family. Then comes health dancing into life. One smack from health will send your life tumbling down. Fearing that a loved one may get health problems is another stressful factor. Then contentment...I just want to restate what digital delay said. Contentment doesn't necessarily mean that a person is happy, or satisfied. A person never truly is happy, but content, yes. Even when you're dead excited about getting a new Wii, there's still a small dormant evil hiding behind your mind, waiting for the right moment to explode and pop your bubble of happiness.

Why, do you ask, am I writing an article on such a depressing, but very surreal, actual event occurring everyday topic? Well...because I'm stressed out myself. This blog was meant to help relieve ourselves...release our feelings, and let others know that they're not the only ones that are dealing with these similar problems us Acquired Minds are having. We're all people, and people behave like people, and people have the same feelings as other people.

Enjoy what's left of your day.

-the clam.

P.S. Please remember to vote in this week's poll!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Painting a Life Canvas

Hope you’ve noticed the new header. From digital delay: “…we need some inspiration.”

Proceeding to my topic…

As we all know already (from the gazillion posts here), life is a very rocky road. Even rockier than rocky road ice cream. The tons of obstacles we face, the numerous pains we endure, and the things we stand and take in the face.

But one of the most important decisions in your life is your career. You’re getting/got an education for this sole purpose. In fact, life is a canvas. A blank, white canvas. When you finally decide what to do, you’re going to paint that blank canvas. Paint it however you want. Satisfy yourself with an enriched life.

But how do you get to that enriched life? You get a career that you’re satisfied with. In this world today, pressure is the main factor fueling our beliefs. We have to get a money-pocketing job. We need to get a good, brag-worthy job. We need to get a job that makes our family proud. Are you sure that’s the job you want? A doctor, a lawyer, a businessmen?

As quoted from a very special mentor…

“A job is a job. A career is your life.”

I couldn’t agree more. In other words, imagine those two as wounds. A scratch is a scratch. A scar is your life. You can always get a scratch (you can always get a job), and you can recover. But once you get a scar (once you get a career), there’s no turning back. Choose a career you absolutely know you’re going to love doing every single day of the rest of your life, 24/7. Anything that excites your inner interests.

Pressure is a hard thing to go against. Your family might think bad of you just because you want to follow a career to be a tattoo artist. But that’s what you want to do, and if you can’t do it, you might as well throw yourself off a cliff (…don’t do that, please.).

The transition into high school is the most important time to decide. High school will be your safe haven for the time being (remember my post about shootings?...yeah, it’s dangerous. But still a safe haven nonetheless). It’s where you’re going to learn all the skills you need to be successful in your career, and all the skills to continue living your life. Take your time, and soak up everything high school has to offer. (Remember saturated solutions…don’t soak up too much, ‘cuz a human’s got a limit. Oh boy, science class is getting to me…).

Alrighty…that’s it from me. I won’t be doing the Easter informational article this time around. Hope you have a great Easter weekend, though!

-the clam.

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But, Honestly

Contentment is a funny word, at least these days it is. Being content basically means being satisfied. However, in today’s world, content is pretty much happiness. Obviously they’re very different words, but just dig a bit deeper. How many people that you know, if you ask them, would say they’re happy? I’m going to guess not too many. Therefore, we’ll consider the next step down, contentment, essentially happiness. If you know plenty of people who would say they’re happy, then terrific, you’ve surrounded yourself with happy, optimistic people, which can only do good things for you.

Everything today is about having “more”. Perhaps the only exception is that commercial “less is more” for toilet paper or something. Just look at super sized meals, and drinks. People are obsessed with celebrities, who have plenty regular people don’t have. Loving them so much, makes us want to be more like them. People want to be what they conceive as “perfect”. Everybody’s definition of the word will differ, however. Just as everybody’s opinion on “beauty”, or on things like cars, houses, appliances, instruments, electronics, will differ.

You look around yourself, and think when have you ever been content? You want a bigger house, a higher salary, more side-money, better relationships, better people, more stuff, and more. In a previous post, this was mentioned. Yet, while still imagining all the things you could have (and wish you did have), you can still imagine all the things others don’t have. Plenty of people don’t have shelter of any kind at all, plenty make a quarter of the money you do, and a lot of people don’t have a car, or the joy of music, or maybe even friends. There really is almost always someone worse off than you. Still, when thinking of those, the one that immediately comes off stronger in you mind is your situation, not anybody else’s. You will doubtlessly care more about a third-world country’s hunger than your favorite celebrities’ marriage, gossip, or that guitar you’ve been drooling over. Of course, that’s understandable, because all that applies to you.

Randomness (back again)
  1. Apparently, people fall into two categories: love addicts, and love avoiders. They basically mean what they say, oh and...don't quote me on any of this, i just found it somewhere.
  2. How many other people have picks that wear away next to the tip?...
  3. My (current) shirt has a bunch of stuff on it, but it basically it says you (whoever that is) talks too much so shut up.
  4. Who would have thought that, Eric Clapton (from Cream), John Lennon( The Beatles), Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones), and Mitch Mitchell(The Jimi Hendrix Experience) would be on the same stage?
  5. Eric Clapton and Eric Johnson made me appreciate (maybe perhaps even like) the strat. Oh boy, almsot forgot about Jeff Beck (i know there are a billion others, so don't pester me, like we all know Jimi Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughan).
  6. This whole thing is like how Weezer's (ha..the muppets) "Blue" Album influenced them to have one of their other albums copy that and be named the "Green" Album.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brighter Than Sunshine

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I've been searching for things. Important things.
Just ordinary thoughts.

Have you ever felt the need that you are missing out on something in your life? Maybe even someone or someplace?
Maybe you have a desire to travel the world and go to places like Paris or Italy, Tokyo or Alaska. Or, if you'd prefer, a made-up land, like NeverNeverLand or World's End, Narnia or La-La Land?

Have you ever dreamed of being in a fairytale or fantasy?
It's like, this moment of awe, and then it's gone. Sometimes I just wish it could stay...for a bit longer. Or maybe it would even take me into the Make-Believe World, the Disney World, with the storybook endings and fairytales coming true...?

But no. Since we're in reality, we should think realistically.
Have you ever thought of where your life would be, say, five years from now? Or ten? I'm not talking 'what you want to be when you grow up' if you do grow up, I'm talking the BIG PICTURE: 'He's going to be living in a two bed-room apartment on Main Street of New York City, working part-time bagging grocery bags at the Wal-Mart two blocks down (every Monday through Friday), while he takes Intern Prep classes at the local College to become a somebody.' You know what I mean? Have you ever planned your life out that specifically?

You're twenty-one.
Have you ever fantasized about meeting your true love? When that's going to happen, where you're going to be, what it's going to be like, or who it would be? How would you know for sure that s/he is the one? Either you just have that feeling or, that's right, you just don't know.
How's your wedding going to be like? Life after that? You just don't know.

You're thirteen.
Ever imagined your first kiss? What it would be like? Who with? Where? More importantly, HOW that would work? I mean, there must be millions of thoughts running through your mind...
  • How are you actually supposed to kiss someone?
  • Am I doing this right? I mean, it's not like someone actually taught you, right????? Picture this: 'Who taught you how to kiss like that?'...'My older brother...' Can you say awkward!?
  • What if I'm wearing glasses?
  • What if I have on braces?
  • What are you supposed to do with your...nevermind.
  • What to do...

You might turn out to be the most amazing kisser in the world...or the absolute worst.
Is it something you just...pick up? Who knows.....You'll figure it out, you're smart ;]

What kind of person are you?
Are you the type of person that would sit back, watch Global Warming and other problems occur right before your eyes?
Or are you the one that would actually get up off your lazy @$$ and do something about it?
You might say 'Fuck the world' today, but tomorrow you might actually care.

Be BRIGHT [brighter than sunshine!] and SPONTANEOUS.
Be romantic and FUNNY, relaxed and SERIOUS.
First and foremost, be YOURSELF.

My advice to you.
*Peace Out*

- my.great.ESCAPE

((...Woah, that's a lot of bullcrap right there. Don't listen to me. They're just guidelines and things to think about anyway. And believe me, that one part [with the bullets?] was really awkward for me to write.))

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feedbacks can now be Acquired.


We now have a feedback and questions email account.

If you have any feedback for our blog, questions you would like for us to answer, or comments about the blog, please send it to:

We appreciate everyone's opinions to our blog. Hey, it's an opinion-blog. Get YOUR opinions to us! We might even write an article just for you...

K, thanks. Check back for more articles soon.

-the clam.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Burn Your Life Down

What to do… what to do…

Too often, it seems like I don’t know what to do. I could easily make a list of one hundred different things I could be doing. Yet here I am, imagining that I’m talking to someone who cares, when I’m really talking to myself, who doesn’t really care.

Apparently, no obviously, I have no direction in my life at the moment, not even as far as a few days, hours, and maybe minutes. It’s a sad thought, when life is all hazy. You don’t know what to do when you’re you just feel trapped and intoxicated. The world seems to whiz right by you. Ha, sounds a lot like I’m high doesn’t it?

Those are the times you waste, the times you burn your life down. The times when you could get off your sorry ass and do that something useful are the times when you should get off your sorry ass and do something useful. We all wait for that one thing, anything really. As long as that thing gives us something to look forward to, something to strive for, we wait for it. We whine and bi***, but it’s so hard to really try and accomplish it, to make it true. Stop playing Guitar Hero and start playing a real guitar. Stop sitting in your room playing your guitar and do something with it. Stop lip-syncing(for those who care, I can't stop watching 2:00 - 3:00) and start singing. Stop singing to yourself and sing to others. Stop dreaming and get that persons number. You can make up the rest for yourself, a unique list that fits only on you.

I hate to sound like a nihilist(I am not a nihilist, however), but what’s the point? You’ll never get good at it, you’ll never actually do that, that will never happen, they’d never go out with you, etc. It seems like negativity is instilled into our brains. The parameters of convention are forced upon you, and there you sit, waiting and dreaming of what could, or perhaps should, have been. Imagine if you didn’t just sit here. Well, dream that you weren’t, that you were out there doing something. Imagine the possibilities; life could be so much more. To some like me, it's a sad and scary thought that we ourselves can( not necessarily will) do a whole mess of crap for ourselves.

Even with all that happening around us, we still need time to ourselves. Times we want to be alone with out thoughts. Times to think, plan out, dream, imagine, and wonder. Extroverts and introverts aren't people who talk a lot, or don't talk at all. Introverts can talk as much, or more, then extroverts. They just need to left alone every now and then, maybe a lot. It doesn't mean they don't enjoy being around people (at least most people).

just wanted to get that out.

i just keep writing the same thing, just with different words

i'm a ******* hypocrite

"what a jerk that dude (me) is!"

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A Guide On: How to Pick Up a Chick

Hello there earthlings, this is I, Karma Police and my dear friend (GASP) mourning.glory. Yes, that's right TWO people, isn't that utterly amazing!? Not really, but this is a first.

So our topic; how to get the girl.

Everyone on here talks about relationships, but have none. (No offense... I'm sure you're all beautiful people...) So, to get one of those relationships, follow this guide!

Now, honestly, we don't know how to "get a girl", but this is how you could win OUR hearts (and many others of our kind [aka girls]).

TIP #1: Be awkward; Now isn't that funny? Awkwardness!? Attracting!? Amazing, we dig a guy who stutters on a few words. It shows that he's nervous, and genuinely likes the girl. NOT a player. :)

Tip #2: Don't pick your nose in public!; So this is pretty much... self explanatory. We figured you'd know this already, but we wanted to make sure. This also counts for other disgusting things a guy might do, on his OWN time alone. That includes showing off your latest scab. Even if it DOES look like George Washington! (They don't make you seem manly)

Tip #3: Don't brag; What girl wants a cocky guy who's more interesting in his hair than her smile? Honestly, some girls like cocky guys more, but that's not us. (Not that we're trying to wave a flag here...)

Tip #4: Caution- ROMANCE NOVELS; The chances are that if a girl has a Romance book in her hand, her expectations will be higher. I mean, you're no Edward Cullen! (But if you are....?) So try to catch the object of your affection off guard.

Tip #4.5: HOWEVER; Romance novels are the key to a girl's heart- In other words they're your study guides. Kind of like 'Dating For Dummies', except in larger quantity. Sure, you might get a few odd looks from your fellow lads, but it pays off. Cause if a guy can pull off Dexter (This Lullaby), then he can get any girl he wants. Seriously. Just don't get the "rated NC-17" ones, with more AHEMAHEM than actual love. Ack.

Tip #5: Be Creative; We understand this completely contradicts what we just said, but romance novels are just your GUIDE. Copying moves that obviously don't work for you (like if you have a bad singing voice), might make the girl a bit.. reluctant? Just add your own spin to things. What girl wants chocolate and flowers all the time? (And going to movies is sooo old).

Tip #6: Don't think so much; If you think too much, it'll show. Just be yourself. YOURSELF!! If you don't know something, be honest. Not all guys know everything. Most girls see through it, and even if they don't your relationship might not last.

Tip #7: Make Her Laugh; All girls like a good joke or two. Just don't make the following jokes: Perverted ones, racist ones, ones about muffins in ovens, and penguins with toasters.

Tip # 8: Pet names are for pets; Don't call her 'Baby', don't call her 'sugarbooger'. We girls have names just like you, and we'd like you to use them thank you very much. Now we might not mind if it were more.. original or meaningful. I mean I wouldn't mind being called 'Love', but 'poppet' sounds kind of... ehh.

Tip #9: Don't flex your muscles; Just... Don't. Especially if they're non-existant. It's just weird.

Tip #10: Talk; Talk about anything. Music, life, what you like- what she likes! Chances are you'll find something you have in common, and that's where the "chemistry" starts. Right?? Remember conversation starters? You've gotta have flow!

Tip # 11: Check out her friends; BUT NOT IN THAT WAY! We mean, of course, talk to them. Girls always talk to their friends about everything (almost). You're going to need their approval if you even think of going anywhere with THE girl. We're completely serious here.

Tip #12: Be a gentleman; Open doors, offer to pay for her meal (or if she hates that, split it), hold her books even if she doesn't want you to, compliment her newest haircut. We notice when you notice. It makes us feel good. Smile! (But don't force yourself to.... that'd be creepy.) Oh yeah, don't eat like you use a hot wing as a napkin. It's incredibly disgusting. And being a gentleman comes in handy if you meet THE parents. Parents love it when their daughter has a boyfriend who's respectful.

Tip #13: Just Tell Her (or ask); If you like her, then just tell her. Tell her and she'll be honest with you. If she rejects you, then just accept it and move on. Unless you really like the girl, then just stay friends and be glad. Maybe one day she'll like you back. And if she doesn't want to talk to you- Take the hint. Don't be clingy! And don't use other girls to make her jealous, it doesn't always work, and it just proves you're a JERK!

So there are our guidelines. We hope that they helped. Look our for future rules or a follow up to this! Leave comment, questions, concerns, we won't ignore them.

Good luck fishing!- Uh not that girls are like fish meant to be caught and eaten..Cause then that's cannibalism children, and is frowned upon in most societies. Yeah...Uh.... BYE

-mourning.glory and Karma Police

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"They're after me lucky charms!"

"Where's me pot o' gold?"

Truth is, there was never a pot of gold to begin with.

The myth of the leprechaun has dated back centuries, the first being recorded c. 1900. Those mischievous green men have sprinkled their Lucky Charms throughout history, past and present. Even today, people are still lurking around to find that rare (and most truly, non-existent) faeries. Yes, leprechauns are faeries.

Are they wealthy? You bet. Why else would people be so desperate to find a leprechaun? Countless stories and tales have recounted the greed of mankind, kidnapping the impossible leprechauns to enhance their own wealth. Binding them up, taping their mouths, and locking them up in cellars—all have been tried. But in the end, the leprechaun's wit and cleverness manages to prevail.

Rarely are leprechauns portrayed as a child, or a young being (except for Lucky the Leprechaun...dang, I want cereal now). Whenever you see a leprechaun being portrayed (let it be a play, a TV show, etc.), it's always an old man. I myself don't even know why.

"OW! Why'd you do that for? I'm wearing green...I think."

That's the usual reaction from folks that neglect the number one rule on St. Patrick's Day: wear green. Everyone knows this, at least, the people who have had been pinched before for not wearing green. For those who have not yet known this, I feel bad for that awful bruise you have there.

YAY for March's theme: Stereotypes and Living (hey, did you notice that new feature?). Why? Because yet again, leprechauns are a general stereotype for Irish people and culture. You might not know it, but Irish folks take great offense when leprechauns are used to depict an Irishmen's living. The image of a leprechaun evokes "greed, money, and wit", and the Irish believe that this hurts Ireland's rich culture. So don't you go prancing around asking Irish people where the leprechaun is (we all know it's at the end of the rainbow...right?). No, seriously. Don't.

Anyhow, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Remember to wear green on the 17th...or feel the pain of the pinch. Hah, pain of the pinch...I crack myself up...'kay, that was entirely cheesy.

-the clam.

P.S. Look out for the special St. Patrick's Day celebration Acquired Minds banner (to be posted tomorrow). ;).

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Thursday, March 13, 2008


“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

What is fear, exactly? And what do we fear of? It ranges from being as simple as that geometry test tomorrow to something as complicated as the end of the world. What are YOU afraid of? Disappointing someone? Public speaking? Death of your own or a loved one? Loss of love, or even love itself? We can find a reason to fear everything and anything. When you think about it, isn’t fear just a psychological thing? Something our mind just creates when we imagine the worst that could happen? If we separate the world into the categories of the brave or the cowardly, where would you stand? Can we even do that? Everyone has the brave and cowardly moments.

Perhaps Roosevelt was right. Is life really about taking risks? But I admit I am afraid of doing something I may regret. I just don’t trust myself enough to know that I’ll make the right decisions in my life, thus screwing it up. Everyone sees me as the girl who has everything together. I’m just as big of a mess as anybody else, maybe even bigger. But everyone is bound to make mistakes and I know I will. I need to accept that. “The brave may not live long, but the cautious do not live at all.” Yes, it was from the movie The Princess Diaries. But who said a Disney movie can’t be insightful?

When I was little, I was terribly scared of Chuck E. Cheese. Yup, that guy in the rat suit. I think I still am. Something about that rat still gives me the heebie-jeebies. However, I am perfectly fine with Mickey Mouse. In fact, Mickey Mouse is awesome! Weird, huh? I know he’s also in the “fictional rodent character” family, but Disney has a way with things like that.

You know, some people are afraid of a tarnished reputation/low social status. Some pretend not to be, but really are. Some are truly not. Everybody is busy worrying about what other people think. You know what? Cool people aren’t people who follow the crowd or even people who go out of their way to be different to prove that they’re not following the crowd. (Was that hard to follow?) Cool people are the people who just are and that’s good enough for them. Cool people aren’t people who never embarrass themselves. That’s impossible. Everyone does. Cool people are able to honestly laugh (maybe even snort) at themselves. Isn’t it strange how many things are connected to stereotypes and social junk?

I think what makes some of us fear death is the fact that this life is all that we’ve ever known and they don’t want to leave that. I am not afraid of death; it’ll happen to everybody someday. I’m afraid of time; having too much or not enough. I am afraid of not being able to do anything with my life. I want to make an impact and change the world for the better. I know that was such a Miss America answer, probably right along up there with, “World peace,” but I mean it. I want to live, not just exist.

In some ways, I am afraid of knowledge. “As they say, ignorance is bliss. Empty, meaningless bliss, but bliss nonetheless.” - Broken Crayons, Delilah121c. At the same time, I am scared of the dark. I am scared of not knowing what lies ahead and being vulnerable. I know it sounds contradicting, but it’s true.

I am afraid of the future; my own and the world’s. Some have their entire life mapped out perfectly, right down to the type of carpet their future house will have. I don’t even know what career path I want to go down. I want a goal to work toward, but I’m just making it up as I go along. What about the fact that we are killing our planet? Everyone says this, but does nothing. I don’t want to be one of those people. What can we do to keep the earth safe for the generations to come? Time is a factor here, which is one of the reasons that I fear it.

I just don’t want to grow up. Well, I couldn’t find a more sophisticated way to put it, so I just said it the way it is. Ahhh... the carefree state of being a child. It seems safer to be protected than exposed to that exciting, but harsh world out there. We are caught in between. Past being a child, but not yet adults. No, I’m not going to give you the puberty talk. Gosh, I got enough of that from last year’s life science class. Adults treat you like a child, but expect you to take on the responsibilities of an adult and blame acting out on your “crazy teenage hormones.” In some ways, I enjoy belonging in a grey area. Everything is not necessarily black or white. That’s the beauty of it, but also its downfall.

How do you conquer a fear? Is facing it head on really the best way? I think so. Honestly, I’ve never been good at facing my own fears. But I think that we all eventually have to.

All my love,

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Pre-Life Lottery: Did YOU Win?

I bet you've probably heard this before...and if not, then you'll hear it now:

"In life, there are three stages. One, you get an education. Two, you get a job. Three, you retire, and enjoy the rest of your life."

For the most part, that's true. Though they skipped the family part...which I personally believe is just as important as a job...but anyways...

I'm here to talk about the mad dilemma called the salary. Yes, salary. It's the amount of money you get for working your job.

Have you ever, ever realized how totally misguided that term salary is? It's supposed to pay more money to people who work harder, right? Wrong.

Let's compare a doctor (the typical stereotype of a high-paying job...hah! There we go with stereotypes again) and a janitor. The doctor completes his ten or so years of college training, and becomes a doctor. He sits at his office, examines people, gives them prescriptions, and he earns more than $100k a year. Then take a look at the janitor. Though he may not have received as much education, he gets on his knees and scrubs toilets everyday, he stands all day mopping the floor, and nearly dies of inhaling all those toxic fumes. And how much does he get paid? Probably a little more than minimum wage.

Let's stop and review for a sec'. Who's the one whose job nearly kills them everyday? Who's the one whose job requires such physical strength to the point of severe arthritis? Turns out, that's the person who gets paid much less. Much, much less. Hmm, Dirty Jobs anyone? Without these people who do all the tough, gritty work, society and civilization would not be possible--so here's an applaud and grateful standing ovation from the clam *clapclap*.

It seems so unfair sometimes. What are the chances of being born a prince of England? What are the chances you're born homeless? Truth is, it's up to life to decide what path our lives will go down. It’s almost like a lottery. A lottery that takes place before you're born. "*picks a ticket out of a box* Baby #6,748,229,463 is going to be an maid. *picks another ticket* Baby #6,748,229,464 is going to be a millionaire businessman."

It's a sad, sad world out there. But remember this one thing: you can change your life to your heart's content, only if you're determined to steer your life in a more different, positive direction.

"You are the pilot of your own life." [Suite Life of Zack & Cody]

-the clam.

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Get this- I react to what my friends write.

What Digital Delay talked about? It made me react.

We all have this thing, and it's called time. How we use it is up to us. Some of us use it wisely, some of us waste it away- but whatever the case it's there. And sometimes, like now we are aware of it.

Ever been asked what you'd do before you die? What you'd do if you died tomorrow?
Suddenly, it feels like you've wasted too much time sitting around on the computer, huh? It's time to go search out the one last thing you can do. That one last thing.

The thing about us human beings, is that we're spoiled. We think that since we're not pushing forty, we've still got a life to live. It's not even half over. Right? They put things off; they get embarrassed to sing in front of people.

What if we all lived life like we just didn't care who noticed?

Think about it;
Karma Police.

p.s. Anyone out there reading? If you are leave a comment.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mistaken For Strangers

Ah…..the wonders of time. How for all our contraptions, knowledge, and information, we have yet to fully understand it. Even making use of it is a skill many of us find daunting. It comes by everyday, always there, and it never strays from its path. Yet, here we are, letting it slip by. Why don’t you do something productive, other than just sitting here online? Then, when you’re done with that, come back and read some more.

It seems like we never have enough of it. Other times, we just wish it went away. Ever stared at that clock at work, waiting for it to hit the five, or for those of you in school, maybe for that terrible period (with that terrible teacher/professor) to end? Other times, we just time froze, or it rewound. Ever ask yourself that sometimes you don’t even talk to some people anymore, you just never get around to it? They probably mistaken you for a stranger on the streets you tell yourself.

There are just so many things to do out there, so many things that could do so much good, for yourself and others. You could learn an instrument, read, volunteer, donate, and so many more. For a terrific, comprehensive list, look no further than here (the site has plenty of other stuff too). Just take some time and enjoy the simpler things in life as well.

Also, don't be so negative. It brings others down too, remember that, not only yourself. Taken straight out of the fantastic movie Little Miss Sunshine, " Anyway, he uh... he gets down to the end of his life, and he looks back and decides that all those years he suffered, Those were the best years of his life, 'cause they made him who he was. All those years he was happy? You know, total waste. Didn't learn a thing. So, if you sleep until you're 18... Ah, think of the suffering you're gonna miss. I mean high school? High school-those are your prime suffering years. You don't get better suffering than that. Funny how thats true, what are you going to learn if you have nothing to worry about?You'd probably end up as some spoiled rich brat then with no morals and no conscience. Not that all rich people are brats, I'm sure most of wonderful people. So, make the most out of suffering!

love that movie, one of my favorites, if not the favorite

Just one of those things that mixes great humor (maybe humour if you're british or something), drama (without being dramatically cruddy and cheesy), tenderness, brashness, meaning, philosophy, and genius all in one. Of course, we all know that humor has to be one of the best things ever, but it doesn't hurt to have meaning as well.

(that little picture over there, hahahaha....math and all its suffering, and therefore learning, what a puzzler that is...)

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

music and the world of stereotypes.

"Hi my name is ___"

"Oh hey, what music do you like?"


"Ew rap sucks. It's so annoying! Why do you like it?"

"What you like Rock? Rock sucks!"

So, um, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but don't you think that sorta thing happens a lot? It's all about Rock and Roll, it's all about Rap and Hip-hop. There's never an in between- well there is, and thank god for those people.

I just hate how people can get mad at others for liking what they like. Like, if you like Panic! at the Disco, you like a "Gayass band who sucks" (<-- honestly, that's a good cover). Or if you like Hip-hop or rap, then you're a slut or have no musical taste or whatever. If you like The Beatles, people say, "Oh they're gay and all their songs are happy shit." If you like High School Musical, then you're a disney freak who doesn't know anything but Zanessa.

God, the list goes on, and you know what- it pisses me off.
Why can't people like a band because they enjoy them? Why does everyone have to judge a person by their music taste?

I'm probably being hypocritical in a way, but honestly, I don't want to say "that band sucks", unless I've heard them live. I don't want to say anything about a band unless I've seen them live, because the only way you can really judge a bands talent is live; an even then it's different.

I was complaining to my friend once about how I was starting to like this band again. I didn't want to like them, since so many people claimed them to be sell outs. And you know what he told me? He said, "You like them, and that's all that matters."
Those, I think, were the wisest words I've ever said.

So, you know what, to all those people who changed their view on a band they loved just because of what other people said? Just know, that it's not them listening- but you.

over and out,
Karma Police.

p.s. I think I've outdone myself with those wonderful links :)

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Friday, March 7, 2008

A Tribute to the Greatest Names in Music

Music is the soul of all things.

Music exists in all different kinds of forms.

Music is what brings us alive.

There's disco, rock, pop, blues, jazz, hip-hop, country, alternate, world, and techno. There are endless possibilities to music. Strum a guitar, play a piano, blow on the flute—combined, they make music.

When you're happy, there's a song for that. When you're sad, there's a song for that too. When you've just been broken up in a relationship, there's a song for that. When you've made a mistake, there's a song for that. When you love somebody, there's a song for that as well.

But ever since the 21st century arrived, music has been changed forever. Pop, hip-hop, and R&B roamed every road, every street, and every country. They filled up headphones and piled up in iPods. Nowadays, new and different artists have dominated the music industry.

These artists are great. But now, everyone only knows them. They don't care about the olden' days anymore. Those great, amazing singers and those inspirational artists. No one cares about them anymore, and it's a big waste of talent. Not only did they have talent, they impacted our lives in some way.

Without further ado, below is the list of the greatest/famous artists of all time.

Aretha Franklin – RespectOne of the most strongest vocal performances of all time.
The Supremes – Stop! In the Name of LoveA very recognizable 50's-60's song.
Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling StoneNamed best song of all time by Rolling Stone

McHammer – Can't Touch ThisMost well-known dance tune to all ages.
The Beatles – All You Need is LoveA culturally impacting song.
ABBA – Mamma MiaThe song that inspired the hit broadway musical...and soon-to-be movie musical.
Diana Ross – I Will SurviveA highly regarded song.
Elvis Presley – Jailhouse RockThe song that got everyone rockin' and rollin'.
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Duet)A beautiful duet of the infamous song.
Madonna – Material GirlAs girly a song can ever get.
Cyndi Lauper – Time After TimeIt stays true to its name. Time after time, the song remains known.
Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go OnThe song from the hit movie Titanic, in which skyrocketed to fame.
Michael Jackson – Beat ItThe catchiest tune of the time, from the King of Pop.

This is only a small list of the other great performances out there. There's simply too many other magnificent songs out there, and I can't list them all (for the sake of this post's length).

The following are famous, Disney songs. Who knew cartoons had such beautiful music?

Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the BeastA heartfelt song known by nearly every child.
Mulan – ReflectionA song that strongly conveys the message of uncertainty within one's looks and duties.
Lion King – Circle of LifeThis song shows the importance and purpose of every life.
Aladdin – A Whole New WorldRomance never was more 'uplifting'!
Poccahontas – Colors of the WindA moving song that tells everyone to respect the earth.
Hercules – I Won't Say I'm In LoveA song that embodies the denial of love.
The Little Mermaid – Under The SeaAgain, one of the most well-known songs, known by nearly every child.

I hope you have found this article to be a new musical experience to you. Young or old, we all need to appreciate what music has done for the world. That's exactly what these songs have done.

-the clam.

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Finer Feelings

Have you ever stopped and tried to appreciate everything around for you? Just for a few seconds maybe? Sometimes it can be difficult to do. Still, everyone should do it every now and then. Just imagine, your job just plain sucks. Your co-workers are terrible, and the pay doesn't match the workload. Yet, I'm sure you can think of a million other jobs that could be much worse. Perhaps your parents are treating you "unfairly". At least they provide shelter and food to you. They really do love (at least, they're supposed to) you, since during the course of your life they've probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars raising you, maybe more. Imagine what would happen if they kept all that money, maybe they'd be living some adventurously fun, exciting life, carefree.

Still, guess you have the right to whine every once in a while. Sometimes, it shocks me how unappreciative I am. What a hypocrite.

For those of you who love your job, your situation, wherever you're at at the moment, maybe living your dreams, then congrats. Most of the rest of the world is quite envious of you. Hope you can continue doing what you do best, and loving it. Also, for everyone else's sake, let's hope you can actually do your job well (they're are plenty out there who can't...). If they don't realize it, they're probably ignorant, or arrogant...Though, they'd probably go all crazy if you say it (say it ain't so, it's probably your fault, not mine, don't blame me....blahblah).

You Talk Way Too Much (i try to tell myself to shut up has never really worked...)

I always laugh at this, so will you
That's a great show

on the subject of sparta....this is funny too


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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Security--Gone Wild?

Have you ever thought about your sense of security?

If you haven't, I'm sorry to bring you not-so-good news.

Unless you live under a rock (-cough-), you probably already know about the recent school shootings. In fact, whenever you turn on your TV to watch your local news, you're bound to hear "Two men have been shot and killed today, this afternoon. Witnesses claim that the suspect was seen trying to rob the men..." Whenever I hear that, I would think Wow...just imagine. Those two people who got killed...did they even know they were going to die tomorrow? Did they know that their last day was yesterday?

Why is it that these people even DO these things?

Whether or not you like it, people like those shooters exist outside that front door of yours. This is when the question of security comes into play: When are you actually safe? Truth is, you never are. You could be watching your television. You could be eating your dinner. You could be sitting here right now reading this blog post—and yet, you're never safe. How would you know there isn't a gas leak conjuring up in the garage? How would you know a fire is starting in the next room? (okay, that last one was lame...the smoke alarm, duh).

Woah woah woah. Don't be getting too afraid now. It's not like going outside is going to help. Everytime you walk out that front door, you will never know if it's your last. You could be going to the supermarket, and a madman can be waiting there for a shooting. You could be standing on the sidewalk, and in a heartbeat, you could be dead because of gang violence.

Okay, I REALLY apologize if I just rained on your day. But you need to sit down and realize reality at some point in your life. In this world we call life, you will always need to defend yourself. It's a very sad epidemic, but it's happening...and it's spreading like chickenpox wildfire. But the thing is, this is serious! Nowadays, kids can't even go to school knowing that they're safe. Kids don't have that sense of security anymore. Toss in technology and the world of the internet, and all sense of security has abandoned a child. Even a simple site MySpace is becoming a hunting ground for child predators.

Have you ever thought of a "series of events"? No, not A Series of Unfortunate Events. The real deal. Maybe you're thinking of washing your hands. But you decide not to, since you're e-mailing a person. That certain person gets the e-mail, and they stay behind a little longer, being late for work. That person rushes out the door, and drives like mad to work. Another car comes speeding down the road, and a huge accident occurs. That person dies.

Would you feel guilty? Would you regret not washing your hands, and most probably save that person's life because you didn't send that e-mail, and that person would've gone earlier, and that person would not have met that other driver? It's happening...even as you're reading this blog post.

Okay...I think I rained on your day enough...I shall leave now. Let's hope digital delay or stolen apologies can humorify this blog up. Sorry guys—just saying what's the truth.

-the clam.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There only exists one Hawk...

I have seen many people. Many many kinds of people.

I've seen the worse of the worse. I've seen the weirdest of the quirkiest.

But there can only be one person that can be honored in one, whole blogpost...*hintthisonehint*

And no, she isn't cheesy...and she doesn't tell cheesy jokes...well, only if you consider it to be cheesy, which I don't...which, in the end, totally depends on your opinion...unless your opinion says that she really is cheesy...which I don't think so...OKAY you get the point.

It's the infamous, unmatched...


In categories of helpfulness, niceness (if that's a word...where's the walking dictionary when I need him), generousness, and all-around great person, she's the one you oughta be looking out for.

We all starve for her intellectual...-ness.

She knows things about you that you don't even know about yourself...-shivers-. Don't go against her when it comes to predicting things...

I've never seen someone with such mannerisms. Okay, I'll admit it. I didn't know this least, until Lady Hawk mentioned it: "You need to knock on the door before you enter, even if it's open."

My god...for a person who's trying to honoring someone, I'm not doing a very great job. Well, if you're reading this, Lady Hawk, let it be known that you're the greatest person ever!

-sorry- Just had to blurt it out.

-the clam.

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Monday, March 3, 2008


So posting with pictures is the new black. And I wanted to share this with you. I find it incredibly amazing how people can actually have the guts to write their deepest darkest secrets and send it in.

Actually, I take that back. I find it to seem therapeutic the way people are able to let all their feelings go in one post card. One little peace of heavyweight kind-of-like-cardboard thing.

This is short, since I'm dead tired and have many things to do this wonderful (not) week. Sorry for this excuse.

Tell me what you think about Postsecret. Tell me your deepest darkest secret you keep in the closet. Do you like to sing? Do you like to dance? Do you cheat on everyone you get with? Whatever it is, click anonymous and leave a line.

or leave it here.
Or you can just talk to me there.


Karma Police
p.s. These aren't MY postcards so you know...

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Ahh.....Monday Monday Monday
That dreaded day, it just never stops coming now does it?

Every week, we see it coming. Every week, we just wish it never came. Sadly, every time, there's never much we can do. The day you know you have to go back to that place, whether it be work, school, or anything else. That stifling place, the one that suffocates your very brains. Whatever that place is, it tires you to just be there. You'd rather sit at home and honestly do absolutely nothing, just plain relax, and finally listen to OK Computer in its entirety. The very environment at the place is poison. It's not exactly the people(ok, maybe sometimes), or even the work(probably not true). It's a place you wish you weren't at. You feel bogged down, drowsy, and sick of the feeling you get when you're there. The malaise you experience there can't be eased once you get home. It carries over to the very place of sanctuary in your life.

That's how society is these days. Adults stuck in dead-end jobs, with little to no excitement in their lives. Whining kids are stuck in school, no wonder they're a bother. School's such a despondent place to be at. It's almost like prison come to think about. You can't get out until allowed, you have to what you're told, hopes are stomped on, and reality is shoved up your ***.
Not that I'm saying school's bad, or the people, staff, or students are either. Education's important, the once again, its the environment. You don't even really want to be yourself. Sure, it can be safe, full of learning (supposedly), but that doesn't actually bring kids peace of mind(except knowing you, hopefully, won't get shot there or something). Few things today are truly full of contentment. Perhaps the joy of a young child, and some others I can no longer bring into memory.

The only way you can escape any of that is if you're famous or something. Then again, with the bonds of responsibility in a conventional manner broken, a new set are bound upon you. You have to be a good role model, continue your success, or you'll lose it all. That's serious pressure right there. Just look at how many celebrities crack and break these days. Can't tell which is better, probably neither. The questions is, is there anything better than all that?

Sometimes you just need an airbag to fall right into. A giant pillow to jump off a cliff into, just to release yourself from the chains of everything else. You can't do this all the time, though. If you let yourself go too much, you'll end up doing stupid stuff. You start talking too much, you say the wrong thing. Maybe you end up saying nothing at all when you should have. You let down others and yourself all the time. Yet, you just can't bring yourself to say sorry. No, you're not a jerk or anything(maybe), but you can't bring yourself to say something.

The only thing you can end up doing, is something I would know nothing of. Everyone has their own ideals, dreams, leisures. The best you can do is try and follow them, while being realistic and reasonable. You still have to let go every now and then, though. Sounds impossible doesn't it? Well, it's not, and if it is, who cares. Just be gregarious(depends on yourself) and joyful.

What are you willing to do (for a Klondike Bar) to stop Mondays?

bass(better than Only in Dreams?), the tremolo arm (sustainer?), utter genius, and some weird noises the

on the subject of(absolute, mind blowing, magic) tremolo arms

your laugh of the day !!!!
maybe another ???

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Stupid mistakes.

Everyone makes them. Let it be small or a big disaster, we've all made a mistake in our lives that just begs to be forgiven. You could've broken your mother's favorite vase...gossiped bad about someone...made a dumb mistake on a test that you knew you knew but just didn't write it...or worn your shirt correctly and not backwards.

Sometimes you'll feel like a lump of clay. You're just a stone cold lump of matter that has no brain. Well, in most cases, that's true—I hope I'm not making you feel bad. If you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend, you deserve to be called a BROWNIE in fact. A brown, rotten brownie.

Anyhow, making a single mistake isn’t going to be the end of the world (unless it meant a loved one's life). You have many ways to redeem yourself. You have tons of opportunities in your lifetime. You just never realize it until it hits you smack hard in the face.

At times, I myself wish I could just travel back in time. Very cliché, huh? But wouldn't it be great, though? You could go back and correct all the wrongdoings you did, and pretended it never happened.

*buzzer sound* If you really think that, you're wrong. If you really did correct all the wrongs you made, then what are you ever going to learn? Life gives us mistakes so that we can learn from it. We have the mistakes that we have so that we can improve ourselves, better ourselves, and hopefully, be a more "productive member of society". (I feel like I've heard that somewhere before...).

Mistakes are mistakes. Deal with it. Live with it. Learn from it.

-the clam.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Don't Make Me a Target

Guess who
No, not the Guess Who, you dumbo.

Don't you think it's shocking how things are these days? All the labels, stereotypes, and stuff?
Well, there's not much one person alone can do, and that's likely to stay that way for a long time. Pretty much everyone fits into one of the predesignated categories: jock, nerd, weirdo, goth, etc., etc. It's sad, even the very people who claim to be the ones who go against the stereotypes have themselves formed their own label. The individualist became a conformist the second he became an individualist. What a conundrum that is.

Everybody has a child in them somewhere (no, it does not have to THERE). lalalala

A lot of people accuse others of "selling out". Mostly artists, musicians, bands, and more. Like that means anything, with more resources, they can do better stuff. They can still make the music, or anything else, they've been doing with a major label. Maybe they changed, but perhaps it's just what they've really wanted to do for their whole lives. As Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello put it "We're not interested in preaching to just the converted. It's great to play abandoned squats run by anarchists, but it's also great to be able to reach people with a revolutionary message, people from Granada Hills to Stuttgart." As long they do what they do right?

Pretty much, the only thing you can do is to say ," **** it all". Then again, that's already hard enough to do.

Just look at pop culture these days. Most of us know everything about Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill, or everything about Britney Spears' latest problems. Yet, most of us don't even know the policies of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and etc., or what they're going to do, how they're going to handle the pressure, and things of the sort.

Just some stuff that make fun of all that. blahblah and muhuhaha
(that last person on that second link is....funny...)

For a random thought, aren't there a lot of people who have covered Rihanna's Umbrella? It's just' "Woah!" A quick search on Wikipedia or YouTube will give a huge list. These include covers by All Time Low, Mandy Moore, Taylor Swift, Plain White T's, My Chemical Romance, and Tegan and Sara. If you've seen some other certain posts by someone, then you'd know which one I thought was best.

Oh no..............I ran out of Klondike Bars! NOOOO

The funniest commercial I've ever seen. hahahahaha

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Teacher Codes.

Teacher Codes.

Did you know there were codes for teachers? Uh-huh. There definitely is.

You've probably had the following phrases said to you before by your teacher. They mean something...something that isn't exactly what they mean (does that make sense?).

1. "Oh! I remember you!"

-No, they don’t.

2. "That's very unique..."

-It's ugly. Weird.

3. "It's your decision..."

-They don't know.

4. " *gasp* it!"

-Be careful. They might not. There's a reason for the gasp.

5. "Don't worry about it."


6. "It's okay, I don't want anything."

-They're dying for something.

Sympathy is all they ask for...or is it?

See if you can connect these codes to other things/people. It's not only teachers that use them...

-the clam.

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