Friday, February 29, 2008

February's Theme: "Introduction"

Whether it be an introduction to a book, an introduction to your life's purpose, or an introduction to a plain ol' blog like this, every 'intro' is the beginning of an adventure to come.

The Acquired Minds is part of that adventure.

From the very first real topic ("Peers: The Pressure is ON!") to the very last topic ("Greed and Need (AKA Money)"), this entire month has been a surreal adventure through what every human being is likely to be going through (or rather, will be going through).

Here's a review of all the major articles this month:

- Have a secret talent? Show it ("'I don't care about my Guilty Pleasure...' Oh, yeah RIGHT!")!

- There's a new fashion trend going around--wearing your shirt backwards ("Huh?").

- Don't know where your mother, sister, wife, etc. have gone? No need to starve--"Mother, where'd you put the prime steak?" has arrived!

- Ever wondered how to start a topic when you're hanging out with a special someone? Try "topic starters (& a bit of other things)".

- Who came up with the 'leap year' anyhow? Check out "I'd rather not leap, Julius."

- Last but not least--what in the world does the literal term Acquired Minds mean? Go to "Great Minds Think Alike?!"

That's about it. We hope you enjoyed February's collection of articles and posts. Cheers to many more uber articles to come (haha)!

-the clam.

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Greed and Need (AKA Money)

As sad as it sounds, people's lives revolve around money.

There's always too little- not enough. Always- and that's what really gets to you.

There's this song I love, and it has this one quote;
"When I fall asleep I dream of happiness, in numbers and dollar signs."
When I heard that, the only thing I could really think of was parents.

They're always telling you, "marry a rich man so he can take care of you", "Get a job with good pay", "Study more so you can make lots of money." Money is all they really want you to have. Money brings happiness, no? It does, indeed indeed. Money will take away all your problems.

It's sad how that happens, and in my opinion money is the greatest evil of all. It causes people to rob, it causes people to be greedy, it causes people to do drastic things- but without it, how do we survive?

How would people feed their families? How would they stay sheltered? How would they do anything?

How about all those incredibly rich people? Are they happy? Are they really? Or are they just unsatisfied because they regret not becoming a writer instead of an accountant?

Sometimes, I wonder about my future and what I want to do. Honestly, I have no idea what I want, and it scares me. Once again money comes into play, and get this I get worried. What if I can't get a job and can't move out? What if I can't... blah blah blah.

I've come to the conclusion, that in the end I just want to be happy- get by with what I have.
But will I be happy just getting by?

There's a second "movement" to that song, and here's a line from that;
" I know the secret to your happiness. Take a deep breath, there's only one way; Give all you have away."

Gambling; one of the core reasons why money is evil. The temptation to give in to that huge voice screaming "throw it all in, take the chance of a lifetime". I think that it ruins so many lives. When you think of gambling what do you think? Vegas, cards, and money.

That's what it's all about, and sometimes I wonder if it's really that fun.

Is the chance of losing everything that much of a risk you'd like to take?

anyways, I'm honestly sorry about the incredible seriousnessosity I have on this post;;
karma police (what goes around, comes around)

p.s. for the songs they are this and this; they're live, since I couldn't find the recordings.
The Pursuit of Happiness (1st and 2nd movement) by This Providence

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Great Minds Think Alike!?

I like the new blogs that Acquired Minds posted.
Woah. Aquired Minds. I've got to get used to saying that.
Anyway, I feel like branching off of what The Clam said.
It's Leap Year.
Happy Birthday to those who were born on Leap Day February 29th.
Yesh, it is kind of a disadvantage to have a birthday every FOUR years. But on the bright side, who'd think of this:

  • Being able to drive at four years old.
  • Able to drink at five years old.
  • Vote at age five. Who, by the way, are YOU hoping becomes president this year?

Hahah, pretty strange, huh?

And what about all that stuff that Digital Delay mentioned?

Well, I think he as a point when he says "There seems to be a lot of things around that are just messed up." and I totally agree. 100%.

Money, indeed, brings happiness. But everybody has wants and needs. Of course, your needs are more important. Such for survival, the computer for work, money to raise your family...

But then you've got these other things. A list full of 'em. Your wants. Like, for instance, that extra cookie. Not only does it satisfy your tastebuds wants, but it also makes you fat. Do you really want that? I didn't think so. Then, for the computer, you NEED to do your homework; but, let's use it look up, oh, I don't know...pornomimes? Can you say horny WANTS?? Now that's where things get out of control...

Oh, and to answer your question, Digital Delay, those famous people with their great lives and fame do drugs for oh, so many reasons! The most obvious: They want the attention. Hah, like they don't get enough already? All I seem to hear on the radio these days are Britney Spears...bald.......Angelina Jo Li...another alien kid.......Amy AGAIN.......Jessica Alba...pregnant?.......What a reputation, right? Geez, people these days...It's like, their perfect life is ruined the next friggin' day. What the crap? Gossip and rumors? Nah. You know what's funny? The other day, in school, the teacher made us write down 10 rumors we've been hearing around us on a piece of paper.

  1. So and so got herself a boyfriend.
  2. He's going to ask her out again?
  3. So and so has hair??
  4. Woah, they kissed at the park yesterday.
  5. He got suspended. for punching some guy.
  6. Dude's got big ears.
  7. He's going to dump her tomorrow cuz he still likes her best friend.
  8. He grew.
  9. So and so and got into a fist fight at lunch.
  10. Jessica Alba is pregnant.

Then what do we do? We had to rip the papers up and throw them away into the trash can. That's it. It was supposed to teach us something? But all I got out of it was, how many trees did we just waste? How many minutes were wasted? Pencil lead? Oh gosh.

Why is it so easy to waste time? Yet, it takes up no time at all to waste time.

I dont if know that made any sense :/

But usually, I would catch every single episode of Grey's Anatomy. You know, that awesome show on ABC? Well, if you don't like it, then I don't care what you think. Damn screenwriters, going on strike. Didn't that whole chaotic thing end already? How come my show isn't on anymore?? It must come on soon.

*Peace Out*

- my.great.ESCAPE

P.s. Nathaniel Stanton: If I have a cold hot pocket, is it just a pocket?

P.s.s. Karma Police: I think I need more tips on dealing with temptation. Uh-oh, that came out kind of wrong, huh?

P.s.s.s. Getting the ideas for writing blogs gets me excited. Yay.

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I'd rather not leap, Julius.

Hey there...again.

I hope you've been enjoying the Acquired Minds. From life teaching, life inspiring, life changing posts to hilarious, random, humorous posts...we're here to liven up your day, and possibly, put a new chapter into your life.

Well, the clam is back, with his not-so-humorous cheesy articles (I feel ashamed...).

Hah, today's Leap Year day. Happy Leap Year's Day. Those poor unfortunate souls who get born today...their birthday doesn’t come in another four years. Next thing you know, they're 20 already.

In fact, who even came up with the LEAP YEAR anyhow? Thanks to Yahoo! News, I finally know (not that I cared four years ago...).

You know that fancy looking, grand hotel in Las Vegas? The one with the tall giant pillars, naked statues, and humungous fountains? Yeah, the Caesars Palace. And NO, it wasn't because of the hotel that leap year was the guy it was named after. Julius Caesar—and his wife Cleopatra. After marrying his Egyptian wife, he found out that the Egyptian calendar had an extra day every four years—and the Roman calendar did not. I sense jealously there, Julius. *tsktsk*

Okay, well, after all these discoveries made by the unheard-of-smartness of the Egyptians, the 'jealous Julius' decided to add a day every four years in his calendar too. Seriously, envy is the killer of all things.

I find that funny. People wayyy back in the days were so SMART. They created all sorts of things...inventions, ideas, and all these things we use today. We have all the technology we could ask for nowadays, and guess what, we're all dumb folks. Seriously. Could YOU sit down and just invent an airplane or something...or come up with the theory of gravity? I don't think so.

Anyhow, that was totally random. But Happy Leap Year's Day.

"'s more painless...for the brainless..." [From 'Wicked'--Song: 'Dancing Through Life'] I totally agree...

-the clam.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Relief Next to Me

It's me again, sorry your disappointed.

I'm just going to let out of few of the things on my mind and be out of your way (that is if anyone reads this).

There seems to be a lot of things around that are just messed up. Money, relationships, government, the economy, and the list goes on and on (that's are what I hear at least). The very purpose of certain things are just being cast aside like that old iPod cable you lost. I mean, you can't even go to the public school of your choice these days. The very point of the government funding education is to provide a learning outlet for students. If kids were allowed to go to the school of their choice, they'd probably pick a good school. Don't you think that would be great? Still, it is true staff members, teachers, etc. might lose jobs, but could that motivate some people, even students, to try harder? Of course, some students just won't.

On that matter, children grow up on the belief money, which supposedly comes from a good education, brings happiness. Don't get me wrong, education is of the utmost importance. Still, the belief is that money brings happiness. Well, it sure wouldn't hurt to have a lot of it. Seems like a lot of things are cons these days. Another way to get money, be famous. Who doesn't want to be a rock star or something? Yet, you have to wonder, why do they always do drugs and stuff when they have such great lives?

I think it'd be pretty cool to have a family. Some people just aren't that way though (Thrash Unreal, "some people just aren't the type for marriage and family"). How cool would it be to have a great wife, an awesome daughter named Sara, and great son named (haven't finished thinking on this one...), and etc., etc. Still, is that a sham too? People split, kids can become estranged, and a bunch of countless things. I think, if you give into to all of it, it'll happen (Are You Ten Years Ago, "you collapse"). You just have to hope for the best, and strive to make it happen.

Sad when you just freeze for words, this is utterly true of me... (Relief Next to Me, "in the dark (in the dark), I'm just no good at giving relief)

Wow, gee, that's a lot of negative stuff. Let's have some laughter, since that's the best dose of anything you can ever have. It's a shame i suck at giving it. Just watch this, always makes me laugh. Anybody know that Star Trek sign?....split your four fingers apart, two on each side with the thumb sorta on the inside? Then you say peace and prosperity, and in response same hand sign but health and long life or something? No? neither. I'm a gater(not sure what we call ourselves) not a trekkie. Seen every darn episode, all 114(I think?) of 'em.

  1. This is long.
  2. Too long.
  3. You probably shouldn't listen to biased jerks like me.
  4. Don't think this is really serious and meaningful.
  5. Why are dinosaurs extinct?. Cuz they stink!
  6. *drools* Hamer Archtops
  7. Just had Subway at 11:00 P.M.
  8. Be oh so very happy! It spreads like a damn virus(hopefully)
  9. Another attempt at brightening your day ...
  10. See number 3.

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Welcome to Acquired Minds.
You've probably gotten to poking around a bit already.
So I'm probably a bit late to say "Greetings".
Let's just get started.

Woah. Who in the world named this blog "Acquired Minds" anyway?
What the heck does acquired even mean?
Hmm. Mr. Webster says:


(past and past participle ac·quired, present participle ac·quir·ing, 3rd person present singular ac·quires) vt

1. get something: to get or obtain possession of something

2. develop something: to learn or develop something

3. locate something by radar: to locate an object such as an aircraft or ship by the use of radar or other detector

So it's obviously not 3. That's for sure. Hah.
But this makes no sense. "To get or obtain" Minds??? "To develop" Minds???
You probably already noticed that I'm not the brightest tool in the shed.
Did I say that right?
Oh well, who cares.

But moving on. . . . .
Get to know me.
Get to know US.
What did Nathaniel Stanton say? That "there's nothing really special" about us? That "we're just ordinary people"?
Well, I'm sorry, but i must disagree!
Personally, i think we're PRETTY SPECIAL people.
I dont give a rat's ass about what YOU think, but in my defense, we're more that just ordinary. We're Pretty.Odd. We're Pretty.Normal. We're what makes "us".

I must find something to write about.
I could write about anything. Nothing. Something. EVERYTHING.
But what?
Why must all my co-authors be all serious?
*Gasp* Everyone has already started writing about something. Something meaningful, inspirational, and exciting. And here I am, just messin' around with absolutely nothing to talk about.
Hmm. I'll keep my options open.
But I know exactly what I should say now.
This is the conclusion of the Introduction of my part of this blog.
My very first blog, actually.
You know, sort of like, the end of the beginning, the beginning of the middle? Yeahhh.
And until next time, when I'll actually start ranting about something meaninful, exciting, and maybe (just maybe) inspirational.

*Peace Out*

- my.great.ESCAPE

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"Mother, where'd you put the prime steak?"

What to do when your mother or wife isn't home to cook for you:

Easy ways to keep yourself alive when you're afraid of burning the house down because you do not know how to use the stove.

Now, before you say anything, cooking isn't just a chick thing, guys can cook, too. There's no need to be embarrassed of it. I can not cook that well, but I can manage to survive without my mommy. Um, er, did I just say mommy? I meant Mother. Yes, that's what I meant to say. Ehem... Alright, moving on.

You can make many things without using the stove, but guys, if you have to, please exercise caution.

1. Cold Cereal

Ingredients: Cereal and Milk.
Directions: Stir the cereal and milk together. It doesn't matter which goes first, just remember the bowl. Serves one person.

2. Sandwiches

Ingredients: Bread, and...stuff to put in the bread...
Directions: Put the stuff inside the bread...and then it...

3. Cheese and Crackers

Ingredients: Cheese and, er, crackers...
Directions: You put the cheese on top of the crackers.

4. Hot Pockets

Ingredients: This little thing that's called a hot pocket.
Directions: Put the hot pocket in the microwave, and put 45 minutes on the turntable. Take the plastic wrapper off and wrap it in a piece of aluminum foil. Once you see a blinding light go off in the microwave, your hot pocket is ready.

I make it like that all the time. The fire department had to come most of the time, but other than that, my hot pocket tasted okay. A little burnt, but still okay.

5. Left overs

Microwaving left overs is a good way to satisfy your hunger. Cover the plates with this see through foil-ish thing, stick them in the microwave, and press the buttons for the turntable.

6. Campbell's Soups

Stick the whole can in the microwave and watch it explode.


There'll be more random advice in my next post. Remember to check for more updates from the group.

Nathaniel Stanton


My bad, I don't how it happened, but the second comment by I deleted somehow. Sorry, ma'am.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

good ideas at certain times.

So.... I want to know what people want to read about. I take recommendations of any sort here.
I know, I know, another blog? What the hell, right? Oh well, I'll just go with this, since it seemed like a good idea at the time (AKA now).

So this leads to my other topic of the day; 'It seemed like a good idea at the time'.

I've always found myself in a situation where certain elements come into play. It's called the "very-tempting-but-probably-will-get-you-in-trouble" situation. I'm sure you've had that.

First, you're about to go somewhere you don't want to. You think, great, great, I'm just going to go home and blast some From First To Last in order to mope about the world and how Sonny Moore left the band.
BUT THEN, the tempting part comes into play.

I don't know how the hell you'd get tempted, but somehow you do, and you suddenly get this amazing plan that involves going to have fun without getting your parents mad at you. Or have them know. Who needs to tell them about it, right? pshhhh.

You go have fun; then you go home and you're grounded.

Yeah, the plan backfired. "It seemed like a good idea at the time"

So I know I sound like your grandma (and I don't know how they sound. Because for all I know they could yack in the Asian language.), but honestly, just stop and THINK. Unless your parents are incredibly evil, they'll give into your begging and you won't get much but a lecture. Right?

There are other situations, too. Think school! But I don't really want to think about school, so I'll let your own imagination run wild.

I'm just saying, that if anything, think. Just think about you (the one in your head you), and think about what will happen if you do such-and-such or whatever. Next thing you know you'll be stuck in jail thinking and wondering how the hell you ended up there.

remember, what goes around comes around.

roger out;
karma police

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"I don't care about my Guilty Pleasure..." Oh, yeah RIGHT!


(By the way, Acquired Minds now includes the "Email This Post" feature. If you like any of our posts, just click 'Email This Post' at the bottom of the post, and send them to any person/people you want!)

So anyhow...

Time to talk about Guilty Pleasures. You know you have 'em...oh yeah, you definitely do. Don't deny it. I can see it in your imaginary face.

Trust me, you're not alone. Your guilty pleasure might be dancing—and hey, nothing's wrong with that. Someone else's might be cooking...yummy.

Personally, mine




Okay okay, I'll tell you...I love to sing. *someone chokes out of disbelief* In fact, it's not even a guilty's sort of my passion. It's really weird telling this to the world, especially because I've never been public about it. The only one time I actually sing to a certain other person is my aunt. She's my singing buddy, right Tina? ;). And that's mainly because she introduced me to the world of music, and I have a lot to thank her for.

But of course, if you all know, I'm seriously shy. I don't know why, but it's in my head, and I can't get it out. That's why I hesitate to do any sort of public speaking (let alone, sing). I know this is a main problem to a lot of other people out there too. They're too afraid to show what their passion is, their ultimate dream. This brings it all back to my peer pressure article back down there. People are too afraid to do what they love to do the most because they're afraid of what their friends and family might think of it (same case as for me). And you know what, I know I'm a hypocrite in saying this, but just show people your real natural talent. Sometime in the future, whether it's near or far, you'll see the benefits of expressing yourself.

So remember—be as genuine to yourself as much as possible. You won't regret it.

-the clam.

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The Rogue Virus

I am Nathaniel Stanton. I am the Rogue Virus. I shall write whatever I please, except for topic starters, because that has already been called.

Since blogs are sometimes used for ranting, I would just like to say that being a teenager is a tough job. I just broke up with my girlfriend. She said, "Why don't you just drop dead?" I don't blame her for being herself, but you can't blame me for hating it.

Okay, so I didn't break up with my girlfriend. Heck, I don't even have one. Those last two lines in the paragraph above are just edited lyrics from Fall Out Boy.

Photography. Music. Books. Three of the most important things in my life.

While you're skimming through blog posts, you'd probably be wondering what's so special about this particular group.

That's it.

There's nothing really special. We're just ordinary people expressing all our opinions about anything. As contradictory as it is, this is also why it is special. We aren't fakers, we're just anonymous. Sure, there could be a hundred Nathaniel Stantons in the world. You've only met one. We'll write about whatever we feel to. I choose to write about anything.


Okay, then. I feel like ranting a bit. Just a bit. Here it is: I hate it when people type like drunken gorillas.

There. Phew. I'm wiped out. I did say that I was only going to rant a bit. That's enough ranting for one day. I bet you all had to cover your eyes because of that sinister sentence in my rant.

The writing will come on its own. I'll post something when I'm inspired to write. So until then, I'll be indulging my ears with good (in my opinion) music.

Nathaniel Stanton

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well.....lets see here...

Seeing as how the other posts mentioned a few select words (music, recommendations, guilty pleasure, shy,etc.)....blahblahblah

Everybody has something they do, which quite frankly, they might be embarrassed of. I'm actually quite embarrassed to say I've never actually attempted to sing. Perhaps the occasional joke or something, but never sincerely. I think that's quite appalling. I do, however, have another thing. Two words : air guitar. Honestly, how can You (maybe just me) not air guitar to Weezer's Blue Album? Rivers Cuomo came up with same great solos. Or how about Paranoid Android's insane choruses? Along with all that, I do lip-sync...a lot. I just can't help myself but to lip-sync to certain stuff . Especifically Tegan and Sara's Relief Next to Me, The Con, Back in Your Head, blahblahblah and my favorite, the end of Burn Your Life Down.

Yup, it's hard not to laugh at someone like me, even I do.

Of course, there's the real guitar. Then again, what's the point when you can't even play it. Another favorite, that never fails to cheer me up, Weezer's El Scorcho

Some Random Stuff

  • During a portion of writing this, my shirt was backward
  • Also, for a short time, i was eating a Klondike bar (delicious)
  • Why doesn't anyone make cheap jazzmaster or double cutaway Les Paul copies?
  • So far, my favorite bass line ever is Only in Dreams
  • Love Paranoid Android, and its reference to Marvin from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, one of the best literature characters ever
  • Why do I not know anyone who likes Tegan and Sara, other than being great musicians, they're also hilarious...
  • I'm a guy, so my opinions would idea
  • I have no natural talent in anything
  • I'm also a jerk.

yes, the date does make this look like I went into the future

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topic starters (& a bit of other things)

Well, I'm welcoming myself to this little site of "acquired minds".

The name's an alias; Karma Police. (way cooler than THE CLAM, huh? hahahaha)
Because what goes around comes around, and I want to see it happen.
I'm an anonymous. No real name, no location, no age. I'm just here.
Oh, and I'm a girl (a chick, a female, etc...), so yeah, I'm opinionated.

So first things first; hello.
I have no idea what the hell to write, so I guess my first topic makes sense, no?


Whether you're trying to pick up a date, or pick up a new friend, the most important thing is having something to talk about. Think She's The Man; you've gotta have FLOW.

Say you're walking your dogs (and I don't have a dog, but this is just a point).
You see another person with their dog, and you guys are suddenly stuck walking right next to each other, because your dogs seem to want to be best friends. Yeah, things are getting awkward, so why not talk about your dogs?
Wonder out loud why it is your dogs are so attracted to each other (What kind of breed? What gender?) and eventually build up to the most important part; your name. Introduce yourself first!

So in case dogs don't work for conversation starters let's talk about the universal language called music.

Do not judge a person by their music. Ask them what they're listening to, ask them why you like them, ask them anything, just don't criticize their band. EVEN IF THEY LISTEN TO SOMETHING YOU COMPLETELY HATE. I mean, the views and perspectives of people are important. If you wonder why it is people like bands like.... Paramore, or maybe Underoath? Or listen to nothing but classical music! Why not ask instead of judge them for that?

And guess what if you really hate the music they listen to and find their musical intellect incredibly crippled, you can always give recommendations! I love giving them, and who else doesn't (raise your hand).'

The point of topic starters is to feel comfortable. That's the simplest thing. Find a topic comfortable for you!

I'd like to continue this, but unfortunately I feel myself going into the topic of music rather than Topic Starters. Leave comments. if ANYONE comes on here, at least.

Anyways this is my first blogpost, so cut me a bit of slack, yeah? I'll get better, I swear.
And this is pretty good effin advice.

Life is good, life is great,
(I'm trying hard not to write XOXO)

karma police.

p.s. leave some topic starters of your own :)

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Peers: The Pressure is ON!

Ah, my first real article.

Peers peers peers...for the sake of us all, consider that overly-unused-word as 'friends'.

Every single person in this world has gone through peer pressure at one point in their lives. One time it's about the 'looks'...another time it's about the things you do...friend pressure is a really tough thing to follow. It's because of this that we all strive to become better than what we already are. We adjust things about ourselves that, most of the time, didn't need to be adjusted in the first place.

Now, everything that has a bad thing comes with a good thing (same goes with vice versa). Sure, our friends make us do things we'd never think we would do--but sometimes, they do it for good reason. They're the ones that give you feedback...the people that tell you if something you're doing is wrong.

As for the people who are stuck in complete humiliation--why don't they just sit themselves down and re-analyze themself? I find it funny how they aren't SEEING what other people are doing to them, but instead, continuing doing what's driving them down the normal-people-scale.

Jeez, it's already 8:50 P.M. here...I gotta get goin'. Hopefully Karma police can arrive and spiff this space up...G'night. OH--by the way, if you're feeling any sympathy for us, would you please add us to your Technorati Favorites? (I did not just beg)

-the clam.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Minds Are Now Acquired...

Hey there.

I bet you're wondering why you're reading this.

It's one of two things: 1.) You randomly clicked a random blog. 2.) You were bored.

Either way, you're here.

Let's get to know a little about me first of all. I'm a gajillion years old (perks of being a clam?). I live in the deep darks of the sea--living my life not that I have any other choice.

'K, let's get to the point of why I'm here and talking to everybody in the first place. I'll lay it down directly--I want to share my opinions of the world...*a shreik is heard in the distance*. If you find that uncomfortable or boring, you may press that little 'X' in the corner of this window to exit. I simply want to get my ideas and opinions out there, and let everyone think of the world's problems and topics in the perspective of another person other than themselves. Well, TA-DA! This is why the Acquired Minds are here. If you're having a problem with deciding on what to do with a certain topic, we'll be here for your 'other-man-perspective' (O.M.P.!...ugh, cheesiness). I, personally, speak my mind (and at times, I'll be biased), but it's all up to you to take that opinion in and consider it to your advantage (ever noticed the comments button?).

I'm not doing this alone. There's a couple billion people out there in the world--I'm sure a few others would like to share their opinion as well. And so, I will have other people than myself write in the Acquired Minds (share the love, peoples). where's karma police...

As for now, I must go. I will update my new blog with the first topic (whenever I have the time). If you think all this is boring, again, you may leave. Just don't regret it...damn, my reverse psychology isn't working, is it?