Sunday, August 31, 2008

August's Theme: Impressions

Finally, the month of smoldering heat (in most countries) has ended. After July, August became another drought month. An article pops up every now and then…it seems like everyone is starting to get busy around the late-summer and early-fall season.

Now, the summary:

Long Lasting – Everything will last…even if you might not know it.
100th Article Awards – Awards that celebrate our 100th milestone.
and he asked ‘how do you think of me?’ – Opinions of the other person.
Staring at Headlights – Going against your conscience.
Joy and Thunder – The greatest naturally invented exercise: laughter.
fiction is a form of symbolism, I believe – Anticipating the moment to come.
Blind Pursuance – Chasing after fantasized goals.
A Small Analysis – The many other definitions of ‘impressions’.
And you are…? – The glance you receive when you shake the first hand…
Right from Wrong – Separating what’s fair, and what’s unjust.
Broken Hinges – Metaphoric glory.
Locked Outside – Shutting out the reasonable.
Two-Week Unity – The glorious 2008 Olympics.
A Matter of Style – Impressing by dressing.

Since it’s already midnight while I am typing this, I’ll skip right to the conclusion.

Here’s to next month’s (September’s) theme: Hiding Beneath.

-the clam.

P.S. The September header banner won’t go up until later…sorry for the delay.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Matter of Style.

Do you dress to impress? People say your appearance can really matter...that how you dress tells a lot about you. For half the people out there, it really does. If you look casual, it might seem like you are a simple, down-to-earth kind of guy/gal. If someone constantly wears vibrant colors, you might be under the impression that they are joyful and bright. One that dresses darkly may...I dont know, like dark colors?

On the other hand, appearances might tell absolutely nothing about a person. The other half of people may only dress (up or down) just because. Either it be to fit in with a group, or to look important...they're trying, but it's just not who they are. I prefer to dress casually, to feel comfortable, yet to look presentable. As long as I don't have bed hair or I'm not in my pajamas (not that there's anything wrong with pjs), then I'm good.

Does the way YOU dress call out "you"?
Don't judge.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two-Week Unity

Backtracking through my recent previous articles...the IOC has now commanded an official investigation on the age issue (jeez, I care wayyy too much on other people's business...[I can't believe I just insulted myself]). And no, I am in no way against China—I respect China. I just want things to be proper and fair, that's all. If China wants to save some of their pride, they shouldn’t be covering something as childish as this (no pun intended).

(Hmm...where has everyone else on the blog gone?)

It's hard to believe the Beijing Olympics are going to end in just three days (actually two days over there in Beijing). Such oxymoron—it felt short, but at the same time, it felt as if it took forever (Miss mourning glory, in the distance: "OXYMORON!" ...please ignore that). So many records were broken, so many dreams came true, and so many hearts were shattered.

What's my opinion of how the games went? Overall, excluding all the controversy, the Swedish wrestler, and the horrendous judges who scored the gymnastic routines...I think the games went very well. Many of us had expected a great display at the Opening Ceremony, but China exceeded expectations and absolutely blew us away with such raw talent. We all knew Michael Phelps would be able to accomplish his task (but hey, you can't deny having at least some thoughts that doubted he could do it). Some countries weren't able to defend their gold, but without new gold-medalists, how are we going to have new champions?

I've waited for four years since the 2004 Athens Games to watch the Summer Olympics again, and I have been totally satisfied. I ended up making myself stay up until 1 AM in the morning just to watch the late night competitions—with the thought in my head: " comes once every four years. I should make the most of it..." Yes, I care more about it than most other people, but that's just a personal preference :).

Okay, off to go do other stuff. I suggest you do that also, unless you prefer to stay right where you are and browse through other Acquired Minds articles...*cough*

-the clam.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Locked Outside

(thanks to and for the images, respectively)

As the Olympics progress, everything else doesn't seem to "progress". I shouldn't worry about the world's business, but I'm still irritated by it. The IOC is just trying to avoid embarrassing the host country, for the sake of peace and humility. I understand throwing an investigation itself is enough to humiliate China, whether it turns out good or bad (because if a situation is so bad to the point where an investigation is needed, it must be pretty horrible), but things still need to be resolved.

That's why I absolutely hate humiliation (whose side am I on?). Humiliation for the right of everyone else—that's okay. Humiliation for one's miserable purposes—that's wrong. Who doesn't love seeing villains in shows and movies get mortified? Certainly, you wouldn't want the innocent person be the one that suffers.

My aunt (no, another one this time) once recounted to me stories of her teenage days. She was new at her high school—she knew no one, and no one knew her. Her English wasn't great, and she hardly could follow her teachers' orders. Then, P.E. arrived. It was time for them to run. My aunt ran, as they had supposedly instructed. Around they went, jogging around the entire block in the vicinity of the high school (which, may I say, is pretty giant). She started to lag behind, along with some other students. By the time she was on her last lap back, it was only her and another girl, jogging for their lives (more like grades). Suddenly, the door to the school closed, and once my aunt had arrived, there wasn't an entrance back into the school. Everyone else was already inside, and as they looked out, they held their stomachs and laughed and gagged at how stupid my aunt and the girl was. She was absolutely humiliated...and tired. She managed to gasp back all the air she had lost, but the girl next to her—well, she collapsed (no, for real). The school eventually had to call the ambulance to check on the girl, who was completely knocked out. Turns out, there was an additional instruction—run 3 huge laps within 20 minutes, or be locked out. For those who missed the memo, too bad.

I really cannot understand how the school can do such a deed. For one thing, pushing a person to run in a set amount of time (a very tight amount of time, that is) is ridiculous. Unless this was for the track and field team or cross-country team or something, this is unreasonable. Since it's a normal P.E. class, you should allow the students to run at their limits, and give them verbal support. Soon enough, they'll improve as they go on.

Secondly, closing the door in the failing person's face isn't going to help their self-esteem, or improve anything whatsoever. Your students are laughing at the humiliation of another student—does that seem human?

Anyways, my point is, being locked outside of yourself is going to make things worse. You're not controlling who you are, or what kind of person you are. And you know what—if the other people won't stop hurting you, they'll just get hurt themselves someday. Isn't that right, Miss Karma? ;-)

Aid the rest...and gain a lot.

-the clam.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Broken Hinges

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

That is half of a wonderful little poem by J.R.R Tolkien. I remembered the poem faintly from mind, but a part or two did strike me as oddly familiar. I really do think it’s magical, whether or not Tolkien intended for it to be allegoric or not. Every line in this poem speaks for itself, yet the meld together as one.

Sometimes the things that are most important, most valued, are not always so apparent and blunt. Sometimes you just have to look a bit deeper, and you’ll find a wealth of what you were seeking in the first place. But maybe we just get lazy, we get too carried away, and we don’t realize what those things really are.

If you wander, you meander, you search, it doesn’t have to mean you don’t know what you’re doing. Maybe you just have nothing to do, maybe you really are searching. The lost are distracted, desperate, despondent, those who wander are not always so. You wander, because you have yet to find what you want, what you desire, or what you need. You wander to grow, to learn, to mature, and etc.

What is strong does not break. It’s as simple as that, almost, kind of, definitely, maybe… But it doesn’t if you’re old, weak, broken, withered, the strong are strong. It’s like something that sounds nice, an instrument, or anything. It may look ugly, feel terrible, but it sounds good. It can apply to people too, if you think someone is a great person, then sure, they’re great then.

A person can kind of be compared to a tree, which is a terrible metaphor; it flusters me to use it, but oh well. You start with your roots. These are the morals, the lessons, the values, you gain as a kid. This is where you become, well, you. You roots are who you are, and while what’s above may affect those roots, you roots generally remain. When you get older, it will be your family, your parents you (many of you I should say) look towards, even if you don’t realize it, it won’t be the others around you, at least not as much. Blood is thicker than water? Your branches are everything else around you. You soak in everything else, and they do affect your base, who you are, as well. But, strong roots, shouldn’t be affected by storms above.

That was an odd and bad poem dissection…no idea what I’m talking about…

Ah… and the Olympics…a magical event

This one event can bring the whole world together and connect people more than anything else almost. Athletics, oddly, does better than music, art, and etc. in that category. The others still vary, people from different places will like different kind of music, different kinds of art, literature. But anyone, anyone, whether from Africa, North America, Asia, and the other continents I didn’t mention (no offense meant to them in anyway…), can marvel at their accomplishments, and try to mimic them. Anybody can try to run, or swim, as long as they have a pool, and some ground. The same goes for the Paralympics.

Go World right?

-digital delay

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Right from Wrong

(credit: for image!)

First off, I would like to announce the release of the Info-Center's Blog Mechanics Guide. Technically, it was released August 5, but I haven't had the chance to actually announce it until now :). Also, the History page has been re-done, and more images have been added.

Okay, back to my article.

Impressions and impressing...

Sendak, I see your point. I know things can get monotonous, and that's why I won't actually be writing an article on impressions. Rather, I'll just talk about recent events.

Like I've said previously before in my past article, leaving an embarrassing impression is the most dreaded impression you can leave. But, as M.G.E. has stated, leaving good impressions will stay with people just as long as an embarrassing one. Many years into the future, just as people know you as the one with the nightlight, they'll know you as the one with the generous personality. Either way, impressions are impressions. -shrug-


So many prideful things are associated with the Olympics. The monthly theme of 'Pride and Prejudice' has long passed, but the subject of the Olympics is too good to pass.

As you may already know, the Olympics only come around once every four years (well, two years if you consider both Winter and Summer). Athletes from all over the world compete to be named "Champion of ___". A very worthy title indeed. A great flood of pride showers you whenever you win something as big as that. Not only do you feel it, but your entire country will feel it as well. I'm sure Michael Phelps is very proud of what he has done, but I'm also sure his mother is very proud as well—to have such a son is a pride well-earned.

One very discussed subject—whether the Chinese women gymnasts' ages are credible—keeps on arising. I agree with the blogger on Yahoo!'s Fourth Place Medal blog. The IOC (International Olympics Committee) should throw in an investigation on this matter. Why? If, truly, the girls are 16 and are valid, they don't deserve all this suspicion and evil gossip. They should enjoy their gold medals happily. But, if in fact, they are not 16, than the competition should play fair, and the gold medals should be rightfully awarded to the Americans. See? Either way, an investigation would bring truth and honesty to all. But everyone is still wondering why the IOC hasn't done this sooner. Is it a sign of pride and respect to China, the host nation? Is it because of money? One thing's for sure—this is the Olympics, and fair play should be expected no matter what.

Oh, and that Swedish wrestler that stormed off the podium and threw his bronze medal on the floor—shame on him. I'm not afraid to say that, because seriously...some people dream of getting to the Olympics, and dream of even getting any medal at all. You should respect the medal, its competitors, and everything that you earn. You were blessed to get this opportunity, yet you threw it away as if it was yesterday's trash.

Ah, that was a nice ramble from me. It's just some topics that were bugging my head the past couple days.

-the clam.

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And you are...?

Are you tired of trying to impress everybody? I know how that feels...You try so hard to get certain people's attention; you just want to be noticed for once. But all your hard work and effort doesn't get you anywhere. It seems to not be making any difference.

So you change your clothes, your hair, your style, and your personality. It's not worth it, at all. Maybe impressing someone means you be yourself? It really is. It just takes others more than enough time to realize it, and notice you for you.

You can possibly be the type of person who takes time to "connect" to a new environment, such as high school. It might take you a while to get comfortable, a while to start talking, a long time to actually make a new friend. It could be hard, not being used to getting to know someone. Come out of your shell, and introduce yourself. Make a good first impression.

Or, you can possibly be the friendly, cheerful, talkative one. Greeting and meeting new people everywhere you go- on a bus, in a school- clicking and becoming instant friends with anyone. (Oh, how I wish I could have that ability.) That's good. Hooray for you!

Whichever type of person you are, not only does the first impression matter, but each and every one after that does, too. Making a good impression every single time leads to a great friendship and high praise. Have your words stuck in their heads all day (in a good way, of course). Have that crush falling head over heels for you ;)

Make someone laugh/smile , you'll be left with a tingling feeling inside, and you'll definately feel like wanting to celebrate.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Small Analysis

This was my first impression when I saw this blog:

”…Wow, this is what people in the world today are doing. Is this… disappointment?”

My first thought was to leave, and for a short time, I did. Then, I thought it might be interesting to see what happens. Overall, sitting here and observing hasn’t done that much for me, but there have been recent events that made it a little more fun. Such as reading the comments.

One of the things that kind of bothered me since I started thinking is that people who work on the monthly articles do the same topic. This month’s theme is impressions. Yet, both the articles on impressions have been about first impressions. What happened to the other types of impressions? What about the kind of impressions that can forever twist an innocent mind into something hideous? What happened to the kind a psychologist can have on a hikkomori? Have they been forgotten? You may have gotten the job you wanted, but how is working there going to change you?

I haven’t bothered to take a second look at the articles past last month since the labels seem to be flying off to articles that might only mention it once to hint at the theme, but it still holds true. Most of the articles were on the downside of expectations when things go wrong. I can understand that that might be a memorable part of the cycle, but it’s not going to be as much if all of us are teaching the same life lessons. We get different opinions on that, but as we present our points of view, the focus on the subject becomes narrower. If we think about first impressions all the time, we’re going to loose track of what else is important. So what if we got that interview because you looked like a nerd? You won’t be able to hold that job if you just slack off after that. First impressions are important, but there are other things that are just as important.

I know how stupid most people think this article sounds. The person who barely wrote anything, done almost nothing around here, is telling people that they should think about other things. Why don’t I just write an article about the different kinds of impressions? That wouldn’t do much. It would only be another monthly article, just another pile of words to add to the growing heap. This way, the tendency itself is spoken to. This way, we can look at this and see how we can improve. I may not do much, but that doesn’t mean I can’t donate my two cents.

So, now I ask you. Are we going to focus our observations on a specific coordinate, or are we going to think about the entire plane?

And to keep the idea of impressions circling about, a simple doodled tribute. Wow, this is perhaps the worst thing I have ever written and drawn. But for now, the quality of the picture isn't the most important part.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blind Pursuance

(thanks to for the image)

"Weigh what you want against what makes sense."

That's from my horoscope today (I don't check my horoscope everyday or just gets sent to my e-mail). Probably one of the better ones I've heard...those horoscopes can be really blunt and honest sometimes—and not in a good way.

Most people always plead for things that either 1. can't be done/achieved or 2. is against any factual belief. Take a little girl for example. How are you supposed to get her a unicorn, or take her to the land of cute, bubbly faeries when it's simply not possible? How are you going to make your son a Power Ranger? There are so many things that we all wish could be true, could be done. It's just too bad the world doesn't work that way.

I'm not saying that things cannot be done or achieved, though. Everyone always says "nothing is impossible." But everyone needs to keep in mind that it only applies to things that are "fact" and "makes sense". As much as I'd love to believe that someday I can fly, it's just not humanly possible. If you have a similar dream, such as piloting a plane, that's a dream worth pursuing. There's probably some human race in another galaxy far, far away that could fly, but as for now, Earth-humans just aren’t birds (who knows, there's probably a planet in some other galaxy that has living, breathing Pokemon).

Oh, and something that bothered me—deleting. It's so annoying when I accidentally delete a photo on my camera. Yes, I know that there's always a confirmation after you press the delete button ("Would you like to delete this?"), but sometimes I do it too quickly and it gets deleted. You see, back then, with the old, conventional cameras that use film, if you take a photo, you're stuck with it no matter what. The downside is that you can't review the photos. Now, with the digital cameras, you can review the photos, but you have the risk of accidentally deleting a photo. -sigh-

-the clam.

P.S. Keep it up, Michael Phelps!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

fiction is a form of symbolism, I believe

Sitting in an office area with the air conditioner turned too high, Teagan wanted to reassure herself that she wasn't nervous. The only problem was that Teagan was honest, and therefore couldn't reassure herself she wasn't nervous because in fact she was. She was about to meet the person that could make her or break her, and all she had was the stench of alcohol in her hair and wrinkly clothes from sleeping on the subway.

Looking into the mirror opposite her, she saw many people in the same situation as herself. They looked disorientated, fidgety, and nervous. They looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there, and most importantly they had a gleam of anticipation in their eyes. It was either they would leave the building happy, or leave it in utter disappointment. It was either they went home with a good story to tell or one that they didn't want to tell at all.

Teagan hoped with all hopes her story would be a good one.

"Teagan?" A nice lady in a white uniform called from down the hall, startling Teagan from her train of thought. "You may come in now."

Teagan stood, taking a deep breath. She popped herself an orange tic tac and smoothed out her limp, flat hair. Her eyes came across another's and for a moment they held a connection of understanding, hope, and once again- anticipation.

Teagan turned away and walked towards the lady in white, her steps echoing off the floor. Her heart seemed to be beating loudly, and when she reached the lady it seemed not to beat at all.

"Follow me, please." She followed her down the hall, watching the lady's feet as they squeaked against the linoleum floor. They came across a room- room number 365 and Teagan found herself holding her breath as the lady slowly turned the door knob and opened the door.

Teagan stepped into the room and the first thing she saw was a shock of red hair much like her own- only it was fake. Sitting there was a stern-faced reaching fifty-one lady that would break or make Teagan at that very moment. Her hair was pulled up to frame her face professionally, and her posture was of the loyal kind. Her eyes were quite likes those of a hawk and they followed Teagan's every move, down to the nervous swallow she took.

"It took you long enough," she said coldly. Her eyes darted towards the chairs opposite her.

Teagan sat down to the one closest to the door and looked down at the floor. "I apologize."

"You've been out drinking," she stated, and Teagan ran her hand through her hair once more. "That might be a problem."

"It isn't," Teagan gritted, "I assure you."

"You wouldn't want to end up like your father did," the woman said softly and Teagan noticed the look of sadness that washed over her features.

"I wouldn't even if I could."

The woman nodded before gazing out the window. "It truly has been a long time though, Teagan. I was afraid you wouldn't show up."

"I was, too," Teagan said softly, "I was, too, mother."

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joy and Thunder

There is one emotion, in my opinion that can draw people together more than any other. It’s not sadness, revenge, bitterness, jealousy, it’s happiness and laughter. Would you rather see someone with a big smile on their face, or someone who looks like they’re about to break down? Not that there’s anything wrong with breaking down, but happiness and laughter can go ten times farther. Do you ever look back in your life and say, “remember that time we just pummeled, that day sucked”, no, you look back at the happy times, the times that made you laugh. You don’t want to remember the bad things, you want to remember the things that filled you with joy, and it can bond people, maybe very different people, but people nonetheless.

A T.V. show that can successfully incorporate humor just got twenty times better. Even a serious drama that has times a witty light-heartedness can make you laugh and cry. All of my favorite shows do and a few of my favorite movies too. My favorite show of all time, Stargate-SG1 made a living out of witty puns and clever jokes. At the same time, in single one episode, it had more drama and emotion than a whole season of one of those crappy dramas.

Laughing is associated with good times, fair enough, and not being bummed out. Sure you can’t laugh all the time, but when you do, you’ll remember it more.

Is there anything for you that makes you smile almost every single time? Something that makes you think, gosh, why do people need alcohol, drugs, and crap to help? Well, maybe it’s not as strong or something, but it sure works for me.

Anyway, isn't laughing good for you too?

-digital delay

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Staring at Headlights

Do you ever lie to yourself? Disguise the facts from yourself, manipulate them, or perhaps completely disregard them just so they fit your wants and feelings. Maybe you’d even like them to be true, you’d love for them to be right, but you don’t accept it. In the back of your head you always think, maybe, just maybe it really is true, but your mind, your consciousness tells you no, that you can’t think of it like that. You could do this to yourself for any number of reasons, but they all add up to one thing, you’re afraid. You’re scared of hurting yourself, others, those you care about, or you’re afraid of yourself. You’re not willing to face yourself, to stand up to yourself, to look yourself in the eye. You can’t tell yourself to, you can’t force yourself to, and you just don’t have the right mindset to do it. You’re scared of what you could do, of what could happen, of how stupid you could look, of how useless it would be, how futile it would become. Then, you just think too much. Everything you do or say, you think about to yourself, and everything else that you don’t think about, ends up falling apart.

Have you ever thought that being there for those you care about, could mean hiding from them? To protect them, you hide from them, create some kind of shallow mask for them to see. You’re afraid that them seeing you would create more harm than good. And you believe that when you do let go of that mask, when you free yourself, bombs and battles are there instead dreams and wishes.

You need to stand in the spotlight you’re afraid of. You need to stare at those headlights, and realize, that standing there won’t do much less than send you to a hospital broken and wounded, or worse. You have to move, it doesn’t matter how slowly, since you’re almost there anyway.

I want to start a little something. If this works…then hooray. If it doesn’t then I’ll look like a big butt…

But here goes…

I want all of you…anyone who’s reading this... to name something they really like…or love…it could be a band, album, movie, t.v. show, person, ideal, anything (or all, or several)…and just say why you like it…and then…I want you to respond in some way to the person before you…I don’t mean bashing their opinions or anything…but disagreeing is fine…so…let’s see how the fireworks fly tonight…

Well…the first person who does it can respond to whoever they want I guess
It can be in a comment…or in a post...or anything

Goodness I’m seriously scared about this and I don’t know why I’m doing this…but…as one of my favorite people ever once said….,”but who fu****g cares?”

-digital delay

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and he asked 'how do you think of me?'

Greetings ya'll from across the universe, this is karma police telling you about what I think about first impressions... and well, that's basically it.

First impressions can mean a lot to a person, if the person is the judgmental type. They can mean very little for the ones who like to get to know a person really well. For me, I think I fall under the category of "judge first, then talk to and change mind". Does that make sense?

And impression can be for anything from a person, a thing, to a country. When you meet a person with his shirt tucked in and glasses pulled high up his nose, and shoes that were shined twice, you wouldn't assume he was going for a job interview, you'd assume he's a nerd. When you see a toy broken in five places on the floor looking flimsy, you don't assume that a baby has strong teeth, but that the toy was bad quality. When you enter a country where there are cats, dogs, and rats on the street and all restaurants have no doors, you won't assume that it's because they've got a strange government, but that it's because the people there don't take care of things. Am I right?

Impressions mean a lot, and when you're a friendly type, you want to make good impressions. You don't want your boss catching you half naked in a fountain with men groping you. No, you don't, and that's what matters. First impressions can be anything from having a firm handshake, meeting their eyes, to having good hosts and lots of delicious food.

What about the impressions after that? Are they as important? What about the second and third, and fourth? Shouldn't you always make a good impression?!

I swear, I'm not going ballistic, it's just that I'm in the future;

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Monday, August 4, 2008

The 100th Article Awards

In celebration of reaching our 100th Article on Acquired Minds, we decided to have a little awards presentation. Only difference is, you'll be the one "opening the envelope".

Under each category, just click the "...and the winner is..." button, and the winner will be revealed to you. It will include the person who wrote the article, the name of the article (and a link leading to it), and the date on which it was written. All article links open in a new window, so be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Have fun!

Most Debated (and Commented) Article:

Most Late Debut Article:

Most Lengthy Article:

First "Duo" Article:

First Humor Article:

Most Lengthy Article Title:

Most Question Marks in an Article:

First Historical Information Article:

Best Use of Metaphors in an Article:

Most "Topics-Within-One-Subject" Article:

Article that Most Makes You Self-Question Yourself:

Alright. There are your winners. Let's look onward to the next 100, 1000, and 10000 articles!

-All of Acquired Minds.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Lasting

The one-hundredth article is next! We'll recount all the ol' days... Oh, and by the way—try not to post anything until after the 100th, fellow A.M.'s! It's going to be good :).

(Thanks to for the image!)

Leaving an imprint in the sand is the same as leaving an impression on a person. The stronger you let down, the deeper the impression.

After a long period of time, meeting someone again (even though you may know this person very well) can get you nervous. Nervous for the fact that you may have changed since you both last met. From appearances to personality, a lot can change in a person. Making a second, third, or the hundredth impression will just be as important as the first.

Nonetheless, impressions after the first won't be as tough as the one that introduced who you are. Walking into a job interview in your shorts and casual t-shirt isn't going to get you anywhere. But I just wanted to show my free-spirited personality! After all, people say that I'm too formal and professional sometimes. As great as a professional as you may be, you have plenty of time to show your free-spirited personality after you get the job—that is, if you had left a good first impression on your interviewers.

There are many different individuals in the world, though. Some are completely off the wall, while others are strictly proper. There are many people who don't care about their appearances and impressions at all, in addition to those who are absolutely obsessive about who they are. It's tough to change that.

Not to mention: leaving an embarrassing long-lasting impression. Though you might not know it, someone might still remember you peeing in your pants in first grade (yes...something as embarrassing as that will stay with people forever), or you getting drunk at a party and admitting that you can't sleep without a nightlight.

"Stride – The Ridiculously Long-Lasting Gum!" <--Yeah, leave a good impression as long-lasting as that...well, maybe not that long.

-the clam.

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