Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still Alive


Yes, we’re still alive.

It’s amazing how long this hiatus has been. As is with the regular excuse(s), either we’ve been busy with real life or we’ve just been too lazy to write anything (which is commonly the case). But I started this blog with the intent to keep it alive…or even just “barely alive”…for as long into the future as possible, assuming the world doesn’t end in 2012.

Mr. Stanton was the person that helped me realize the importance of A.M. again. In a class presentation, he said that Acquired Minds served as a blog that brought us—as friends—together, and helped us learn more about each other through our writing. A pang of guilt went through me as he was talking about it. Maybe this blog really was doing something for the better.

Alright, so no one outside of us (the Acquired Minds) reads this stuff. But who the heck cares. We’ve written almost 200 articles over the span of one and a half years—articles that came from our own thoughts, opinions, and ideas. We have already created something that has a part of us in it. Letting this blog die is almost like letting a part of us wither away. Each and every word and article is already important if, at least, we pay attention to it.

So, without a proper poll, let July be a month of Revival.

-the clam.
(and it feels damn good signing off once again)

P.S. Rest in peace: Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful post(:I also believe this blog has brought every member closer towards a greater understanding of all the authors who voice their opinions and thoughts in this blog. I was wandering on the internet one day and came across this interesting blog consisting of only a few members. As I read some of the articles, I'll admit that I learned a lot about life and other things. I hope this blog doesn't dwindle down to nothingness because many of these articles are inspirational and fun to read:D
p.s. you guys are AWESOME:DD