Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September's Theme: Hiding Beneath

Still as busy as usual, I’m going to type up this summary article very sloppily (if you’d consider it that way). It seems, though, that the Acquired Minds really were "hiding beneath" this month...
Without further interruptions...

Dragging Along – An update article, along with some talk about Political Conventions.
To work up a smile. – Dodging realities and the hidden truth.
Radio Waves of the Heart (or maybe just the head) – The never-ending issues of opposing genders.
underground or above? – Are you truly ‘legal’ at 18?
State of MIND. – The indefinite feelings of emotions.
Glass Against My Face – Simple may not be as ‘simple’ as you may think.
I A.M. a Follower – Become Acquired Minds’ follower if you’re a reader!

As I sit here and stare at my computer screen...looking at this article that I’m typing...well, it just looks so forlorn. Eight articles! Just eight. *sigh* Oh well...Septembers are never really good.
Cheers to next month’s (October's) theme: Lost in Mind.

-the clam.

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