Thursday, September 18, 2008

State of MIND.

For you, what's the greatest feeling ever??? It might be making someone smile (or better, laugh). You can get that wonderful feeling after you've just been asked out, for some, or after acing a really hard test, for others. For me, I really love the idea of being needed as a friend. It gives me a reason or role to play in life. You can always tell when someone is happy. I have a thing for those occasional moments where I just can't seem to stop smiling...Don't you just love that? (They occur as often as I'd like...)

How about the worst emotion you can get? Is it losing an important sports game, breaking up with a boy/girlfriend, failing a test? It makes me feel extremely horrible whenever my presence is not acknowledged...Don't you just hate it when you're not included in certain activities, when your left out of this and that, or when a jerk just totally ruins a perfectly beautiful day? If I lose someone special, that's pretty harsh on me, also...

Sometimes, you can get these moments where you're experiencing indefinite feelings...You can't describe them at all, and you're head is about to explode! Feelings are too real. What would happen if we didn't have emotions at all?


(P.S. Comment and share your most greatest and worst feelings...I'd like to know ;)

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digital delay said...

i hate that feeling where just go..what the hell am i doing?...its kinda a broad term..but oh well..