Monday, February 9, 2009

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Recently, it came to my attention that YouTube has begun to block/delete certain videos that have broken certain copyright laws. Well I had seen this before, I had only begun to start caring purely because Tegan and Sara videos have also been blocked (but they're still on other sites...), since they signed to Sire Records after they recorded The Con, to distribute it. Sire is owned by the large group, Warner Music Group (Warner Bros. Records). All this isn't really important to anyone, but, it brings into mind questions about legality among files online.

Honestly, the law is the law, but damn I kind of miss those videos. Anway, YouTube is probably the premier video sharing website on the net. So of course, it leads the way for other, similar, sites. If so, some conspiracy nutcases could ramble on about how The New World Order is trying to screw us over.

Also, YouTube is owned by Google, and they could track you down faster than a hobo on a ham and cheese sandwich.

But all this reminded me a lot the music file sharing stuff going on. Limewire, Napster back when it still did the kind of thing, torrents, etc. The RIAA has been trying to crack down on these things, but a lot of their cases make it seem like they've been pretty drugged up lately. But recently the've tried a new approach I believe. Instead of trying to sue the asses off of anyone they think is trying to download music illegally, they made some kind of deal with internet service providers (which, admittedly, sounds kind of scary) to slow down the internet of people they suspect of activity they frown upon. Well, I don't have really fast internet anyway.

Though I do wonder what kind of stances the artists would have.

But all this illegal stuff, well, it is kind of technically illegal...even if prices for music aren't exactly what some, including me, would consider ideal. Honestly, I don't download music illegally. Actually, my entire music library that I don't currently have a hard copy of was lost fairly recently. But I'm sure this issue is an everyday part of lives everywhere among the pirating, we-love-free-stuff (like music), community.

But really, I just miss those Tegan and Sara videos.

What a sweet video for them

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