Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Shouldn't Have Said That

There's a little thing that half of the time pisses me off, and the other half of the time I think it's fairly appropriate. That thing, is, being politically correct. A good number of the time, it is perfectly wonderful. Being offensive to other races, genders, and different kinds of sexuality are acts that should not be swept aside so easily. The part I hate however, is when you by no means mean anything offensive at all, and are fairly oblivious at the moment the words leave your mouth, of what others would perceive of what you're saying, and yet people still take offense to it and refuse to turn the other cheek. That pisses me off.

It's a funny thing, it seems to be fairly relative.

"Hey, are you Chinese?"...(no, I'm Vietnamese dipsh*t...)

"Hey, are you white?"...(well, I'm Canadien...)

"Hey, are you Australian?"...(no, I'm from New Zealand dumbass...)

[in a bout of curiosity/fear,in the nicest, most non-offensive tone musterable] "Hey, what ethnicity are you or your parents, or something...? "Uhhh...what do you think I am?" (the f*ck am I supposed to know b*tch?...)

-{[(Honestly, I'm not sure what term to use sometimes to describe people. White, well, maybe Caucasian is more appropriate. Black, well, maybe African-American is better. Wait, if they're..."black", but aren't American? What the f*ck...I've never heard African-English, or African-French.)]}-

In actuality....that could really happen. The second part I hate about that, is that honestly, I was almost going to put in an example of perhaps blacks or Latinos. Then again, I thought about the kind of backlash I'd receive. Then, now I just realized that because I just said that, I'm going to receive backlash anyway. Oh well, f*ck you political correctness.

Yet, I meant absolutely no harm. I try utmost, as a human being, and as one living in our current time, to not be discriminative to anyone. But really, we all are. It's going to take a long time, probably never (for a more cynical view of things...) to get rid of the stereotypes. The only thing we can do, is to try and move past of our brain's hard wiring, and try to see things in the most logical, realistic, and unbiased manner we could possible get out of the shitty minds we have.

But in no ways do I condone the use of derogatory terms either. If someone uses words like "n*gger", "chink". "dyke", etc., etc., then by all means, f*ck them up.

But this extends beyond racial, sexual orientation, or gender matters. Look what I now have to say because of my statement "by all means, f*ck them up". I now have to say that by no means do I condone the brutal, cruel, unreasonable, and physical harming of any fellow souls. Well hell, I didn't even really mean anything bad in the first place. The statement was not serious in the matter that STD's, or babies being hit by cars would be. I mean, the matter and subject itself are serious, but my stupid statement wasn't.

Funny thing too, is amidst all this being nice to everyone when you're already trying to be nice, is that while people are trying to be so correct about this, there's something else that seems to be everywhere. I, we, live in a time where I can't watch t.v. without seeing someone stripping half-naked about to get horny (not politically correct-enough?...how about, getting ready to make additions to our already large population?) with someone else who's also stripping half-naked and about to get...ready. We live in a time where I probably wouldn't really want to watch a movie within 500 ft. of my mom or she might happen upon me watching a sex scene I never intended to watch in movie I heard was really good, and therefore won a few awards. Now look what I have to go on and say...

first of all...not porn...just...no

secondly...( heaves big sighs....) I do not hold anything against the fact that people (enjoy...some...at least do) copulate. It's a fact of life, and it is becoming more and more acceptable in our society. Well, that's fine, your beliefs are your beliefs, just ummm....well....I'll put this as..delicately as possible....don't do anything "stupid".

You know, being inoffensive is good. Being too sensitive about some comments is bad too sometimes.

I just hate how everything is always "not too much of this, not too much of that".

I'm just a bit tired of things.

That, or a bit crazy, loony, cynical, and just plain bored.

-digital delay

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