Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cash Cow

Money is important. You can do lots of things with money. Money is valued by people all over the world. Money makes the world go round. If you didn't have money, you'd be screwed, big time. You wouldn't pay rent/mortgage, buy food, buy necessities, gas, etc. Everyone needs money. More importantly, everyone wants money. That's no matter how often you call a fuckin' cow "meal ticket" or "money bags" behind their back, you envy them. You want what they have. Which is money, which means power, and it means luxury.

Sure, money can get to a lot of people's head. It does quite often actually. Still, you can't help but admit it'd be nice to have a few extra dollars for something, then there's something else, then you decide, "Heck, might as well get that other thing."

Money can get you a lot of things. Some people say it can't buy you true love, but hell it sure does help. Satisfaction? You may never get it, but if you're clever enough, you'll have just enough to get by. Happiness? Well, it would be nice not worrying about the bills, the house, or tuition anymore. Financial activities can get dangerously boring, not to mention tedious and frustrating. How about getting that house you always wanted? How about finding out a really interesting person is interested in you now that you're rich (money is interesting and special, shallow doesn't matter). Interesting and special things are always more...interesting and special, doesn't matter how or why they're interesting or special.

Honestly, people would say, money is not important. But those lying bastards would admit any day that they could be making more money, should be making money, or wouldn't miss a chance to easily make a shitload of money. So it doesn't matter.

Remember what they say: Cash is King


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