Thursday, March 19, 2009

One in Millions.

What would be feel like to be one of those blades of grass among billions and trillions of others?
I would think we can relate, seeing how we're sort of one person, one in billions. You dont know everybody, all of those nice people that could be great friends that you'll never meet.
One dollar bill in a stack of a million...There wouldn't be much significance, would there?

Then how come that one dollar bill will someday be used?
And why did your loved ones pick you, if there are billions of others to choose from?
It shows that you're somehow special, even if it's to a few people, and not everyone.
The greener side of the lawn is indeed the brighter side.

I don't really know where I'm going with this...
Perhaps I'm trying to show you that there really is a "greener", brighter side to everything.
Or maybe, that everybody and everything is special, in its own way, to its own people.

Green may be a favorite color to lots and lots of people ;D
But there are these other colors to choose from. And everybody else likes all the other colors. But what is it about one color (one person) that draws others (or, doesnt, for that matter) to them?
And the answer, ladies and gentlemen, is a different one for everybody.
And maybe that answer isn't really important to those who don't like a certain thing, whatever it is. But that answer might mean a great deal to those who do like it, whatever "it" is.

Don't worry, you're important.

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