Saturday, January 31, 2009

January's Theme: Another View

We’re already one month into 2009. 2010 is “only” 11 months away…

Fortunately, we all have lives, and that is why the blog has been lonelier than it was a year ago *hintanniversarycominguphint*. But miraculously, we still made the ten-article mark. The only month we didn’t reach at least two digits was September, but that’s okay. We’ll just make sure it’s above that, at least :).

Here we go:

Every Now and Then – Ways in which we view ourselves.
Yea…and?.... – What ‘glorification’ is.
Give Me A[nother] Break – Our consequences are our own faults.
Perspective. – Ever thought how someone else sees the world?
“Sometimes I wonder how…” – Your feelings aren’t the only feelings.
but it’s better if you do – Being bipolar isn’t half bad.
You’re the Former, Now. – How important is the U.S. Presidential Inauguration?
A Few Letters…3 To Be Exact – A collection of self-written and self-sent letters.
You’re a Fox – Genes determine our look…and some other things too.
What to Believe? – Religion is an ever-debatable subject.

Congratulations if you’ve carried out your New Year’s resolution (if you had one). If you failed…well, I told you so.

Here comes February: Heartful Desire.

-the clam.

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