Thursday, January 29, 2009

What to Believe?

What has more different opinions, beliefs, and views than religion?
Sure, everyone around the world knows religion. Or, at least, they know what it is. Some people know exactly what they believe in, and others don't...which is perfectly okay (at least, for me, it is).

The other day, I accidentally spoke my thoughts out loud: "What is so important about religion anyway? It's just a belief, isnt it?"

And a couple of people that were there freaked out on me: "What!?" ... "How could you say that!?" ... "Don't you wonder what your life's purpose on Earth is?" ...

Sure I do. You're here to live, to experience, to help others. is what I thought.

"You mean you dont think we were put here to learn more and more about who created us?"

I dont know.

"Okay, well how do you think that we arrived on Earth? Did there just POOF appear a world and POOF people?"

Well, I think that a longgg time ago, there was nothing (but nothing is actually a 'something'?) and I think that yes, all of a sudden everything -space, planets, worlds, universes, people, etc- appeared out of nowhere. But what is nowhere, a black nothing, or is it white, or clear, even?

"No. GOD put us here."

Oh man. If God put us here, then where did He come from? What/who brought Him?

"He just appeared. POOF." ... "Well do you believe in evolution?"

Sure, I guess. Like, technolgy and stuff? It improves and advances over time...

"But in theory, when you leave something for a long time, like if you leave anything out for a while, it is supposed to rot away slowly, right?"

Yeah. . .

"Well then how come humans are different? How come, instead of rotting away slowly, we are evolving?"

I don't know, that's just how it works!!! Stop asking me so many questions.

So you know how that question, about what happens after you die, always pops up? Well, there it is. "What do you think happens after you die? Like, would you go to heaven or earth, or get reincarnated, or what?"

Well, I don't know...That's just the thing! Nobody knows, and nobody alive will ever find out. Once you're dead, you'll know, and it won't matter anymore. So it's not that important.

"Not important!?!?" ... "Ohmygosh! How can you say that!?" ... "Well what do you think happens then?" ...

Well, I guess, that after you have lived your life, you go to heaven or hell, depending on how you lived your life, and then after you've spent a while in heaven or hell, you get reincarnated again to live another life. Then the cycle repeats. Well, it made sense to me, at the time.

"Ohmygawd." ... "You have like, mixed beliefs!" ... "I've never heard this before..." ... "Well when you said that you get reincarnated, do you think you come back to this world, as a human, or this world as another creature, or in a whole other universe or world?"

I dont know. Wherever, I guess.

"*Gasp* She doesn't know!" ... "Whats that supposed to mean??" ... "Makes no sense." ... "Do you think you have a spirit?"

Stop with all the questions already! I dont know! What do you mean by 'a spirit'?

"Do you think that we have a soul, or a spirit, inside of us, that controls every movement we make and every thought we have? And that it is just using us sort of like a puppet? And when we get old and die off, it's just our 'body' that's dying, and not our soul? Or do you think that our blood and tissues and muscles and organs control us?"

What the crap!? No, I think we are just simply controlling ourselves.
Besides, you are believing in theories about what happened, what is happening, what is going to happen. I will believe them when I actually see facts; when there are solid facts on what happened, what is happening, what is going to happen, then I will believe it.

For a lot of people, religion has become a big part of their life. And I am not saying that is a bad thing, it's great really, to know what you believe in. But it's also not a bad thing to be indecisive about things like this. Well, that's just my view on this ample subject...

Perhaps this is why some people prefer to be anonymous.

Off to reality,

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the clam said...

Bravo, from the clamo.

If you imagined a place where nothing existed--you know, just blank. BLANK. It's still 'something', because its a place, and the 'nothing' is existing.

I'm not making any sense to myself as when I wrote that article -_-. But nice article to you :D.

mourning.glory said...

Ah. Religion. Oh the controversy! Bring on the awkward-ness and the minefield questions! Well, i believe that who or what you put your faith in is a completely a personal choice. NO, we should not try to force our beliefs upon others even if we have good intentions (such as the people you were talking to in your article) but we should RESPECT other people's views even if we disagree with them. One should not be defined by their "religious belief" or lack of one. Well, there goes another one of my lengthy comments.