Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You're the Former, Now.

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Man, the plague struck me next. Err, the blue-screen-of-death plague (it was more of a freeze-you-lose kind of a screen). DD got hit first, and then m.g.E....ain’t cool. Although I have to honestly say that I contributed to the downloading of freeware, and that’s how I contracted the virtumonde-wanna-confuse-you-with-long-virus-names-disease—AHH don’t point that flashlight at me. Hey, a darn lot of people do that nowadays. Why else would the economy be so bad? We’re not even giving proper credit and respect to the people who make our conveniences possible [/hypocrite].

So, I’m sitting here at a temporary laptop, typing on a very annoying keyboard, straining my eyes at the horrible screen positions, and having my left hand burn at the hot air blasting out from the side of the computer. Have I learned my lesson? *nod* Has everyone else learned their lesson? *probably not*

Were you able to see the U.S. Presidential Inauguration (live)? I’m highly guessing not. I don’t know about you, but I think this day is pretty important. But instead, people have to go to work, sit at their dusty desks, mind their business, and students have to be sleeping in class, taking finals tests and such. “Hmm…6t^3 + t^2 + 7t + 10 divided by 3t – 2 is…uhh…hey, whaddya’ know…Obama’s takin’ his oath right about now…err, 2t^2…”

But nooo, we rightful citizens of the United States of America have to go right along with our lives and then watch some crappy re-airing of the ceremony (probably on YouTube…*hinthint*). Oh, yeah, that’s perfectly fine—we’re letting a man run our country without properly seeing him giving his oath. [NOTE: I’m NOT anti-Obama. He’s a great man for the future of the USA.].

It’s so funny how quick their titles change once the next president gives his oath. “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me god.” - “WOOH! Alright, former President, let me escort you to the helicopter that’s gonna bring you all the way back home…” So harsh, so harsh…but that’s how it goes. Must feel awkward to be President one second, and a long-gone President another second—literally.

Okay, fine. I’ve had my fair share of blurting for today. *zips up clamshell*

-the clam.

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