Saturday, January 10, 2009


Glorification...funny word. Glory can be thought of in both a negative and positive connotation. Glory can come after a victory, a triumph, kind of like when you finally ask that person out. But glory apparently can also mean pride, arrogance, being not-so-modest, kind of like when hat person finally dumps you. Either way, we do it. We glorify things. We glorify people. We glorify ideals.

Why do we glorify things? What the hell does glorifying even mean? If i was actually trying to prove a point, starting a paragraph with a rhetorical (kind of) question is bad, but screw (f*ck) it. -to cause to be or to treat as being more.............something along the lines of making something seem a lot better than other stuff. So why do we do it again? If you sit there and think about it for a few'll find an answer that will suit your own character.

If you're reading probably didn't stop to think about it. If you did, and are still reading, you didn't think about it much, or are just curious.

For the brief time span (maybe...a minute or two of actual thought?) that I've thought of this, i just figured something pretty simple, and easy, and I just thought I said this before. I think. We feel that these..objects...are the prime epitome of whatever that thing that they do is.

For example...why do you like those musicians so much? -Cuz they're like...geniuses. All those parts just coming together...those..emotions that are bit less worked's just like..crazy stuff....

...why do you like that person so much? -Cuz they're go-geous, and funny, and sweet, and quirky...

...why do you think that way? -Cuz it makes sense...cuz like..nothing else really does ya know?...

...why did I just write all that? -I really have no idea...I regret it...just not enough to take the time to delete it.

We don't really know why we do it. Sometimes we are actually conscious of it. But even if we know that that noun has flaws, clear, discernible flaws, we will try to cover up. We'll even acknowledge that, and try to explain that in a logical way. Basically, we come up with an excuse to say, "Well, yea all that crap is true, but it's still really amazing."

Those things, are what we want in our lives. What we see in those things, we want. We want to have it, we want to be like it, we want to be with it. The characters of these things are the characteristics that make ourselves insecure about...ourselves. We want to be...perfect. If that's not the right word, we all have things in our lives we want to consider "ideal".

How can we not help ourselves? We are human beings. We are flawed. I for sure know I do it. I acknowledge it. But I definitely can try to think of ways to........of excuses. But imagine how hard things would be, if we took everything plainly, just as it is. We wouldn't be able to take it. We have to deal with the things in our lives, significant or not, in one way or another. Excuses are just one way...

thanks to karma! the person

the ideal is a ***************** (in a lot of cases)


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my.great.ESCAPE. said...

Humans are indeed ideal.
And we all want to be perfect, even though we know that wont happen :[