Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hard to Explain

What is general fatigue? Is it being dead tired, being unable to handle things anymore, or is it just not wanting to do anything anymore? Apparently, or supposedly, it’s all of those things. There’s that term malaise, which is a general medical uneasiness, which could be a symptom of illness. Then, there’s the term winder malaise, which is more of a “depressed” and “tired” kind of malaise, often associated with the conditions winter bring.

Fatigue can probably be both mental and physical. The winter malaise could be considered maybe more of a mental fatigue, perhaps. Physical fatigue is probably just being dead tired. Your body is just physically exhausted, and can’t take it anymore.

Mental fatigue is being worked out…mentally, obviously. It can be lethargy, apathy, depression, etc., etc. Your just so tired of everything around you, and you just want to get the **** out of wherever you are. Back to who knows where, you probably don’t even know. You just know you sure want to get out that stupid place, the place that just crawls up your back, and drops a brick right on it. You don’t know where you’d want to go, or what you’d want to do. Even when you sit there for hours, staring at that empty canvas, you can’t imagine a single stroke of lively paint brightening that blank slate. You don’t know where to start, and so you don’t know how you can end.

There are people out there who are just so tired of the situation they’re in. They’ve been patient for so long, and the fruits of their labor have yet to bloom. From counselors, psychiatrists, oncologists, teachers, menial workers, and many others, they all could very well be wishing it (whatever “it” is) to be over with. You don’t even have to be the one suffering, seeing suffering day in and day out is enough already.

Perhaps both mental and physical fatigues are combined. Wouldn’t it make sense to feel bogged down when your legs and arms can’t even move anymore? Or vice-versa, being so worn-out, your legs and arms don’t want to move?

But what am I complaining about, not that I’m really complaining about anything specific. I haven’t done anything special to deserve any pity, or anything else for that matter. There isn’t much wrong with my life is there?...

(canvas… thanks)

(yes, it is spelled malaise, not mayonnaise)

-Digital Delay

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the clam said...

I've now learned what 'malaise' is and means. haha thanks.

very nice choice of words ;)

my.great.ESCAPE. said...

Hard to explain?
It's hard to understand, too . . . . .

mourning.glory said...

Whoa. Big words. Not to go all psychoanalysis on you, but you sound just plain tired of everything and very "What's the point?" and frankly, bored with life. I can kind of relate. It's like there's nothing really wrong with your life, but not much exactly right about it either. But the trouble is that you don't know how to fix it.

Anonymous said...

i just re-read your article...that line about how "mental and physical fatigue is combined" is completely true. lol.