Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking

Dinner time is family time, yet for (insert name here), he/she find him/herself sitting at a quiet table every night eating (insert food here).

Okay, let's just call the person 'Bob'; it's universal.

So everyday, Bob sits at a quiet table- or more, he sits at a table where one person is watching T.V., two are under a lot of stress, the third can't wait to leave the house, and he himself just wants to talk about his day.

"Tomorrow I'm going out after school," he says, and instantly the table has given him their attention.

"Amazing," T.V. watcher says as she continues to watch her show, "That man has no heart! This is a horrible show." Despite this, she continues to watch.

"Who's going with you?" Says the third person who wants to leave (let's call him 'rob').

"Oh just a few friends," Bob shrugs; it's not that big of a deal.

"Don't talk to any strangers," Stressed out number one says, "There are a lot of bad people in the world."

"Yes! Don't talk to any of those Mexican guys," T.V. watcher says, turning her 'wise' eyes at you. "They're dangerous and not good."

Bob, laughs this, he knows that his best friend is well... Mexican.

"You can't say that!" He says.

"Yes," Stressed out number two says, "But we're just warning you, because a lot of the time they're not exactly that good of people."

"Look at the Black people!" T.V. show watcher says, "I watch the news and they always get arrested! Them and the Mexican guys."

"Yes, but not all people are like that you know," Rob says, "I mean a lot of African Americans are smart and successful."

"They also love to dance. I watch them on T.V. and wahhh they're so good. But they always wear their clothing so low." T.V. Watcher turns back to the T.V. "Hahahaha, that's funny, Stella just got hit on by a worker, and it turns out that the worker is her long lost brother! But it's so pointless. This show is boring."

"So can I go out tomorrow, or are there too many Black people and Mexican guys?" Bob asks.

"Don't say it like that," Stressed out number one says. "Never let them here you talk about them like that, if they hear you say that, they'll hit you without hesitation! Where I work, all the Black people are so rude."

"And they eat a lot of fried stuff," T.V. Watcher says. "Their people always eat that kind of stuff."

"Soul food," mumbles Bob half-heartedly.

"I hope you have fun tomorrow," Rob says as he gets up. "I'm going out, now. Bye everyone!"

So then, the subject is left alone as Rob (aka Third Person who wanted to leave but now is) leaves. Bob finishes his dinner, and then proceeds to put the dishes in the the sink.

"So I'll be back at around eight tomorrow," he says as he head upstairs. "I'm walking home."

"Aughhh!" T.V. Watcher says, "Walking home by yourself is dangerous, there are dangerous people out there!"

"Can't you get a ride?" Stressed person one says.

"Aiyahhh now he dies?!" T.V. Watcher says, "Gosh this is a stupid show."

Hypothetically speaking, the entire thing starts again.

By: Karma Police.

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mourning.glory said...

HAHAHAH. I know it's not good to laugh at prejudice, but the way you put it was so true and seemed almost natural and kind of funny. This is going to sound like I don't like my own race, which it not true, but it was so ASIAN. I can understand what you're saying and that experience. Mexicans and blacks are awesome. "Aiyahhh!"

digital delay said...

surreal and real at the same time...
like a cross between the simpsons, two and a half mean, and...errr....some weird drama?
o and real life too haha