Thursday, April 24, 2008

Faux Pas

Here are just some random snippets in which I attempt to instinctively include as many bizarre and mindless words all meaning almost the exact same thing, while haphazardly looking up a dictionary for words that all mean that exact same thing because I have just absolutely and utterly failed my self-proposed mission; which means I’m a failure. Again. Obviously.

Apparently people fail at a lot of things. Of course, that would have to happen. If everybody didn’t fail, nobody would succeed. Then again, how can you consider that winning when somebody loses? (Scatman John, you are a genius)

Apparently I’m feeling a bit chaotic and random today, seeing how I’ve been reading the most random and insane book I’ve ever attempted to digest in my whole life.

I guess you could contribute that to being a bit hyper off of…nothing really. Guess that’s what happens when you’re a bit happier than usual.

Then there's that "sugar Down". The period when you sort of cool off, and sit back, and stop twitching.

So what are the things that you enjoy? The magnificence and joys of life, at least in your perspective, that you enjoy seeing, hearing, etc. The stuff that makes you smile. It can be anything really. Something that’s just incredulously silly, funny, or hilarious. It can be something with meaning, or something you relate to. Perhaps, the best kind of whatever it is that I’m talking about, is the kind that just touches you. Other people could be what the bazongawudgerfudglebadgarous (is that a new red Gretsch i see?) are you talking about? Yet all you’ll do is laugh and smile, or maybe in your head.

Most people are confused. Simply, they don’t know what to do. Isn’t that what mid-life crises are? I just can’t imagine older people, they’ve been through a lot, and just don’t know what to do with themselves. People go through the same routine everyday, and nothing happens. They wait a million hours for a billion grains of sand to fall, and at the end, all they get is a slice of cake. What a waste of time that was.

Weird. Your weird. I’m weird. We’re all weird. Everybody’s special, so that means nobody is. So if you try not to special, then your not special, and if you try to be special and different, your still not. What a load of **** that is. Who cares?!

Is it just me, or do i sound like I'm drunk, high, or about to die (haha...rhymes), because I'm perfectly fine and not doing any of those things.

I feel like I’m making some sort of infomercial for happiness.

And I’m that person who they pay to appear on tape that says how much you should call this number and buy this product just because I got a lot of money. So dial now while you still have the chance!

Most of the stuff here I stole from some other source…so thanks to the honored stealees!

So, what makes you smile, feel weird, happy, random, or just plain feel like “ I wanna **** **** up!” ?

-digital delay

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mourning.glory said...

"Waiting a million hours for a billion grains of sand to fall, and at the end, all they get is a slice of cake" has to be the weirdest metaphor (or whatever literary device that was) I ever heard. Even though you have a point there, I disagree with you. As corny as this sounds, everybody's special, but each a different kind of special. We just don't take the time to see it.

digital delay said...

true, you have a point

although this article was sort of a weird avant-garde kind of adventure that didn't really make any sense at all

the clam said...

haha...very random indeed.

none of the words we listed made to the article! (i think o_O).