Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Privilege of Childhood

It's back to babbling about random-stuff-that-doesn't-relate-to-the-theme.

This time, I'm going to delve back into my past...way, way back. The time when I still chewed on tissue and swallowed gum and made sound effects with my mouth while playing action figures.

Childhood is seriously the best time of our lives. We get to play, mess around, have fun, and not ever have to care about the world. We had people that watched over us, we had people who fed us, and we could eat everything we wanted and not have to worry about your health (well, maybe not the tissue and gum).

It's also the time we do completely absurd things—you know, the things that we look back on and we start laughing, "Oh my god, I did WHAT? I so did not walk down an aisle hand-in-hand with a flowergirl holding a pillow with a ring on it." ...yes, I did that.

One of the things I laugh about myself were my imaginative stories that I wrote. Here's an excerpt from a story I wrote, Mike and the Mystery of Tike, way back when I was eight years old:

"There lived a boy named Mike MaCarthy. He just loves frogs and toads so much that his parents bought him a toad. He named it Tike. One day in school, his best friend Mark said that he loves frogs and toads too but his parents wouldn't let him. Mike was sorry for him. Mark even said he tried to go to the pond and catch his own toad. But Mike knew that he wouldn't catch it because he isn't even good at catching a ball!"

Yeah, that was one of my better-grammared one (by the way, I left it genuinely as it is). If you're wondering, the story goes on and Mike had to 'solve the mystery' to find his lost toad. Turns out, his friend took it.

One of other 'mystery'-themed stories was Where's Kim?:

"One morning,, the Tyson family was getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas. "Hurry up kids! We're about to go!", shouted Mr. Tyson. "All right!", yelled both of the sisters, Kathy and Kim...While Mr. Tyson was driving, both sisters played. Kim was 6 years old so she played with kid stuffs. Kathy was 13 so she write, draw, and do what other teenagers do."

Same as before, I left it genuinely as it is, grammar and all. The story continues on, and Kim gets kidnapped while sitting at a McDonald's restaurant, where her sister failed at her babysitting skills. They went on a wild goose chase, and eventually tracked Kim down at the MGM, where the kidnapper was about to blow up a bomb. They managed to save Kim in time. YES, I know, lengthy and weird...but that's what I thought was 'cool' back then.

Anyways, I would dive into my old second grade journal, but I feel lazy. But I'll tell you, you'll be laughing on the ground by the time I finish telling you what I wrote in my journal...but I won't, so sit right where you are.

And yes, I did make funky sounds while playing with my action figures. Hey, it was fun you know.

-the clam.

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digital delay said...

.....some of us still make sounds with our mouths...hahaha

for such a young might have better grammar than me...even after all these years...

mourning.glory said...

Awww! You were a ring boy! I'm going to tease you about that tomorrow at school, you know. Haha It's okay. I was a flower girl at a wedding. You know what I loved to play as a kid? I loved to play with plastic cooking/kitchen kits. Honest! I would make my sister sit down at a table and I put on a tiny apron and wrote her order in a flippy notebook and "cooked" the food. I also served it to her and she pretended to eat it. I can't believe she did that for me. I also can't believe I just told you that.

my.great.ESCAPE. said...

Omg. No way. I ALSO liked to play with that whole kitchen and cooking stuffs.
How silly.