Monday, October 6, 2008

Absorbed in Your Thoughts?

Hmm, I wonder.

What makes the human mind like it is?
What makes someone think and tick?
That's a good thinking question, isn't it?
It is quite a mystery how the brain works and how we knew to use it from the start. It just sort of happens.

Does talking about your feelings really help?
Opening up your mind, while you're lost in them?
Being lost in your thoughts could be bad...Stress can build up and you may just explode one day.

Can people really change fate, since the start from birth?
Was Hitler born for greatness, but then led away from goodness?
In other words, do you control your mind, or does your mind control you?
All your memories are kept there. All that you learn. All that you know.
It is like one big locked up vault, where no one will be able to tell what is in it but the person who it belongs to. The vault may be small, or it may be an entire library of seemingly endless knowledge, one in which you may easily be lost in.

Stupidity is a disease. But isn't intelligence contagious, also?

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