Friday, October 17, 2008

I Hope This Rains on Your Parade.

(WARNING: The following contains sensitive content.)

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We have things we realize are important in our lives, and others that are not so much.

my.great.ESCAPE.: Have you guys ever thought about doing drugs, like weed?
stolen apologies: Yes.
digital delay: kind of yes but then again im pretty sure i never would
karma police: yes I have, but i wont because it can eff your mind
my.great.ESCAPE.: Really? Why ?
stolen apologies: Yes, just to try it.
my.great.ESCAPE.: But, what if you get hooked?
stolen apologies: I have to act stupid sometime in my life, and I think I'd want to get that phase over with, when I'm young.
digital delay: sometimes i think that phase already ended in me..
my.great.ESCAPE.: Some people do it because it "relaxes" them.. Like, smoking..
digital delay: im sure i can find better ways of relaxing
stolen apologies: I concur.
digital delay: i already do
stolen apologies: Others do it because of peer pressure.
digital delay: f*ck peer pressure
my.great.ESCAPE.: LOL.
stolen apologies: Having sex can also result from peer pressure
digital delay: i dont do anything that would result in any form of peer pressure..
stolen apologies: You mean result FROM peer pressure?
my.great.ESCAPE.: but you never know...if your life just suddenly starts spiraling out of control...
digital delay: no
stolen apologies: According to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored day for self-destruction.
my.great.ESCAPE.: well, Mondays DO suck.
stolen apologies: I hate that day.
digital delay: i dont do anything, so how i can get pressured into doing anything when nobodys presuring me?
my.great.ESCAPE.: In my school, so many kids are that "bad". about 3 out of 4 students are allowed to date. about 1 out of 3 students have already had their "first kiss". about 1 out of 5 students probably have done some kind of drug, or smoke or drink. about 1 out of 8-ish kids possibly arent virgins anymore...makes us look innocent.
karma police: according to statistics from BBC news more than seventy percent of all people who've done weed have admitted to thinking that they wouldnt get addicted
my.great.ESCAPE.: If you had a friend who was out of control from drug usage, would you help them or push them out of your life?
digital delay: id beat the sh*t out of them, slap em back
karma police: i'd warn them and help them if they needed help cause my friend likes weed
my.great.ESCAPE.: I mean like, this guy's asking you to lend money and asking for favors to drive you around to liquor shops and sh*t
my.great.ESCAPE.: so if they asked for your help, you'd help them?
digital delay: i wouldn’t
my.great.ESCAPE.: no ?
digital delay: well i wouldnt giv em money or anything
stolen apologies: I wouldn't either.
my.great.ESCAPE.: what if theyre finally realizing they cant do this anymore, and they need real help?
karma police: then i'll help
stolen apologies: Well, yes, if they admit it.
digital delay: id tell them to go to a counselor or something cuz im not someone who could help them..
karma police: i'd drive them to AA meeings
my.great.ESCAPE.: If you guys ever get drug-crazy, i'd help you(:
stolen apologies: Aw, thanks
my.great.ESCAPE.: But that doesnt mean you should go and do drugs.
my.great.ESCAPE.: i wonder who the crap looked at a plant and decided it would be good to snort it, in the first place >:[
stolen apologies: Hippies revolutionized it.
digital delay: damn them!
stolen apologies: I guess back in ancient civilizations, people experimented with different plants and wrote down their effects
digital delay: yup
stolen apologies: And those got passed on, and as society faltered, people decided to abuse them
digital delay: human curiosity is a bitch
stolen apologies: Curiosity killed the cat.
digital delay: freaky, ill tell you that
digital delay: i always wondered what tid be like to fall off a building... or get shot.. or get stabbed really slowly..
stolen apologies: Or die. Or drown.
digital delay: but i dont wanna die.. i just want to see what happens.. like..maybe before i die..
my.great.ESCAPE.: people die because they cant stand not having drugs. its so sad that they go through anything just to get some…what can be THAT much needed.!
stolen apologies: Yeah. Their bodies are so dependent on it that withdrawals can kill them.
digital delay: cold turkey
my.great.ESCAPE.: they kill people just to get them.
digital delay: its see someone like that..
my.great.ESCAPE.: very sad indeed.
stolen apologies: By then, the drugs have gotten to their brain cells and they're not sane anymore
my.great.ESCAPE.: its possible to become sane once again. you just have to want it.
stolen apologies: And you have the right help. If you've gone that far, you can't come back on your own.
my.great.ESCAPE.: people like us shouldnt mess with the world of the bad people. its like, the heroes and the villains… we have to save lives. thats what we're supposed to do.
digital delay: ooo heroes
stolen apologies: We can't change what we didn't create or contrive to…As much ambition as we have
my.great.ESCAPE.: but we can choose the path to take which is the most important part
stolen apologies: Yes, and hopefully that will make a difference.
digital delay: we can but we wont , depending on who and what
my.great.ESCAPE.: we can be a "somebody" and not a "nobody". i mean, who's wants to be a nobody?? seriously.
stolen apologies: The thing though is, you may be a "somebody" here, but halfway across the world, you'll still be unknown.
digital delay: what if were already a nobody
stolen apologies: Then you'll stay that way.
digital delay: and a somebody is just a bit far away off the road..
stolen apologies: I don't know. There's always two ways of looking at things.
my.great.ESCAPE.: all you need is one other person to recognize that you are a somebody
digital delay: i guess you dont always get what you want …or think you want
stolen apologies: Just so you know, all of you are a "somebody" to me.
digital delay: ha thats sweet
my.great.ESCAPE.: totally (:

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