Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Moment Changed

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It’s bizarre how quickly something can spread.

Is it the outlandish new gossip? A virus certainly isn’t much slower. No, definitely not the fleeting emotions that course through you.

Like a drop of food coloring, it doesn’t take much to accomplish much. Before you know it, you’ll be holding a cup full of bursting, color-tainted water. I can only wish the same could be said for a lot of other things we face in our lives. Rather, everything we encounter takes such a great deal of our energy and strength to achieve. We can’t ask for more...yet we can’t ask for less, either.

As humans, our minds are so very vulnerable. The thoughts and opinions of people around us affect what we believe, and in turn, what we do. Then, in a momentary amount of time, we start to make decisions in an entirely new state of mind. *insert British accent* Observe:

Person 1: Hey, let’s go see ‘Dawn of Reason’!
Person 2: Hm, but I’ve heard ‘Realm of Reality’ was super good...well, according to the critics.
Person 1: Really? Then...maybe we should go see that!

If you’ve never realized how influential other people are to you—including how influential you are to others—then you haven’t discovered your surroundings quite yet. Yes, you might be the nicest, friendliest person in school...but if someone, out of frivolous reasons, decides to start a rumor about how unfriendly you are, everyone will start to believe it’s true. Is it truly true? Maybe (or definitely) not, but you don’t have sudden proof to show that. Only as time goes by, people will start to recognize who you really are.

A lot of people in this world are subconsciously affecting the people around them, unknowingly. Is it a positive change? Or a change for the worse? If you stop and take a grasp of your life, you’ll comprehend it soon enough. And yes, people do make mistakes. People do do things they didn’t intend to do. It just happens. It may be disappointing...regrettable...and undesirable.

But if you were able to change it in the first place, you can change it back.

A little goes a long way.
(and I've never found a better time to say that)

-the clam.

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