Sunday, October 26, 2008

A.M. Halloween 2008 + ampleness!

Uh-oh, who turned off the lights?

It’s finally here—it’s the week of Halloween 2008. To celebrate, we have a bunch of new things for you to see!

As you’ve already noticed, Acquired Minds looks a bit dark. To commemorate this occasion, we turned it black, and we have a special Halloween header (made my Sendak). It’s only going to stay black for a week, so enjoy it while you can!

If you’ve been keeping track of the I-C, you would’ve noticed the progress we’ve been making on our new A.M. branch. Well now it’s finished, and we’re proud to present:

ampleness was a branch suggested by my.great.ESCAPE. What is it, exactly? It’s a weekly area where we post our top picks for music, videos, articles, books, and much more. We guess you could consider it as a fun and relaxation zone—there’s music to listen to, games to play, and new things to discover. With ampleness, you can delve into our minds just a bit further, and see what we think you should check out next. We’re currently setting up an info-page in the I-C detailing ampleness. Check the I-C soon!

In addition to all this, we now have a second Graphics page. We just added three buttons, and moved the 'Epic' collection over. It’s not much right now, but as we create more graphics and banners, it’ll expand :).

From all of us here at Acquired Minds, we hope you have a nice, fun, cavity-full bloodcurdling and terrifying Halloween!

-The ExtraOrdinary Eight

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