Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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DD, I feel the same way. Here’s my blabble in the attempt to inch closer to 10 articles this month (#8!).

Have you ever tried coming up with a New Year’s resolution? Aw com’on, not another “I’M GONNA LOSE 10 POUNDS NEXT YEAR!” We all know that you’d be gaining 10 pounds after the holidays rather than losing it (but please, if you’re already 10 pounds…don’t even try).

It’s quite hard trying to come up with a resolution—mainly because you secretly know that you’re not going to be able to achieve it. Truly, if we all think like that, we would get nowhere. Setting a small goal won’t feel as accomplishing, but setting overly-ambitious goals will make you feel worse for not getting it. Sure, I’d like to get this blog to be noticed in the next year. But who’s going to read eight people’s rants about the tiny things in life? Hm, I don’t know…maybe you, the person who’s reading this right now? :o)

I wonder what’s a-coming our way in 2009. Bunches of new music, movies, TV shows, an inauguration, more people suiciding, more Kodak moments, more kids, more arguments, and more awkward silences. It’s always the same things again. We all go through the same emotions again (which includes feeling so happy that you’re about to die because your stomach hurts so badly, and which includes feeling so sad you’d rather bury yourself and imagine no one really knew you). Such as Uncle Bob farting at your birthday once again, and everyone is both laughing and gagging and trying to evacuate out of the unruly place. Or when your girlfriend dumps you because you didn’t buy her enough chocolates. Oh well.

Will we be seeing yet another teen-craze about another mythical creature? Say, some dreamy Bigfoot who tries to confess his hairy love to a unicorn that cannot accept him because he refuses to shave? Pfft, don’t look at me. I’m no Stephanie Meyer. She does it a hell lot better.

Haha, have you seen how this New Year’s resolution thing slowly turned into a love story about Bigfoot? Yeah, the Acquired Minds are all a bunch of side-trackers that wastes your time for a hobby *muahaha*.

-the clam.

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mourning.glory said...

HAHAHA! My uncle's English name is Bob. I'm not kidding. At all.