Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where art thou?

Don't you just feel so sophisticated talking in Old English? Okay, so maybe it's just me...But to think that many 365-days's (?is that right?) ago, people used to talk like that and live like that. Women dressed up all nice with their fancy dresses and corsets, the gentlemen with their suits and wigs, and all romantics in the air like Romeo and Juliet, where the people lived in a 'kingdom' instead of a 'city'. A kingdom sounds so much nicer than a city...

So digital delay seems really determined to bring up at least ten articles this month, huh? Since I'm feeling up to it, I'll just say ...blahblahblah... and make this the tenth article (hopefully not the last, because then this would make a very sucky last article of the year) of the last month of 2008. (How many of the 366 days do you really remember?)

So here's the thing. I just wrote this fantastical and just snazzy article about a whole new year and the past and blahblahblah, right? Only to have my crazy internet (that's crashing as we speak) delete half of it...just because it felt like it?...and now, I don't really feel like re-writing the whole thing, so I won't. Doesn't that type of stuff just make you so frustrated? Sure, some pretty ahem.interesting.ahem. stuff had happened this year (I won't go into the details; you've heard your fair share). Even so, I don't want to end this year (no matter how bad it was) being p.o.ed at my computer, or spending another night 'in' (again), etc, etc, etc.

So go on. Have a spontaneous 365-days-of-2009. So where art thou on New Years? The best way to start it off is doing something fun, of course. Be it a party, or watching the Rose Parade/Dick Clark's Rockin Blahblahblah...I think that should wrap it up for now. I don't know.

To all a good night,

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