Saturday, December 6, 2008

May I Please Have Some More?

There are 365 days in a year…quite a few if you come to think about it, or maybe you think it’s not very much at all. Every year, we all (technically) age. We all probably meet new people. We all learn new things. We all experience new things. Yet I must admit, everyday seems pretty similar to me. A good proportion of things I do everyday are basically the same. I sadly wake up, get out of bed, wash up, eat food, sleep, sit here on this computer, listen to music, watch movies/t.v., and etc. The times are the same, the numbers I mean. The bathroom is the same. The food quite often is the same repeated sequence. My bed is the same. There are plenty of things that are the same. Each day. Year after Year.

There are plenty of things that change though. Habits can surely change. Maybe after a while you’ll go through your day a bit differently than you did before. Usually though, you don’t really notice it. It just kind of happens. Something big can happen to someone’s life. A death, an affair, a loss, any number of things. These things have the power to rattle someone’s life, but, they’ll eventually get used to it. If not, they’ll learn to live with it.

It seems you leave one cycle just to reach another. A cycle of cycle’s. Never ending…
Not to say that is a bad thing. Perhaps some people thoroughly enjoy their cycles, and the subtle changes each one brings. But I’m sure the majority of us people wouldn’t exactly call ourselves content or happy. Some of us are willing to something about it, others, not so much. Eventually though, with whatever we are dealt, we learn to live with it.

(generally at least…or at least I hope so, because then this all would be a big con)


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