Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December's Theme: 365 Days

Yet another Christmas has passed, along with another year (11 months for A.M. though...our first anniversary is coming up). We hope you received some nice presents...and if you didn’t, you’re probably not the only one, if that makes you feel better. :o) <-- What a funny face. Haha...ha.

Here’s December’s summary:

May I Please Have Some More? – It’s the same things all over again.
All the Possibilities. – Do you think you have a twin somewhere in the world?
The Murky Road – Maybe history repeats itself...who knows.
looking backwards – A lot can change in a few weeks.
Merry Christmas Eve 2008 – A holiday message for 2008.
Too tired (lazy/unimaginative) for a title – What happens when a person suffers the “blue screen of doom”, daydreams, and reads Oscar Wilde? This.
A Proper Title Should Be Here – The first of a series of articles in an attempt to crack it to 10 articles. Talk about “creative”.
All-Over-Again-Year’s – Attempt article #2. All about New Year’s resolutions and a Big Foot love story.
paint a portrait of a mirror – Attempt article #3. A thorough examination into Dorian Gray.
Where art thou? – Attempt article #4 (I know, I know, it’s the last one). A random blurb to end the year. It’s pretty spot on, since that’s exactly what we do 99.9% of the time in our articles anyway—BLURB!

Ah, and we round up 2008 with a total of 155 articles (you might wanna browse our archives and bathe in the glory of blurbiness). *high-fives an imaginary DD* Hey, your 10-article goal for this month was reached. You were the one who encouraged us--don't deny it!

Happy 2009 everyone! Well, it might not necessarily be happy, but Happy New Year’s anyway. Here’s to next month’s (January’s) theme: Another View.

-the clam.

P.S. The January header banner will come later on.

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