Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too tired (lazy/unimaginative) for a title

Looking back on this little blog…it seems kind of empty. Then I realized that I was the kind of person who liked to dwell on the past. That, and also that I realized I was also the kind of person who had nothing else to do.

My computer recently crashed. I got that “blue screen of doom”, and I figured that that must be akin to a computer instantaneously combusting. I might have just rebooted Windows (XP, mind you) onto it again, and start all over, but a relative advised that I should just get a new computer, which is something that I’m trying to do something about. Maybe one with a, ha, better graphics card, to perhaps attempt to do that thing nerds do on their computers all the time (no, not that, and if you’re not thinking of that, then, just no to whatever). So, I am relegated to .borrowing. my brothers computer (whose keyboard I just hate, I should say dislike, just with a deep, deep passion) every now and then, although no where near enough.

Thus, in my pitifully un-pathetic boredom, I have been relegated to doing things that I would not usually do on any other given day, which is, anything worthwhile. These mindless, despicable tasks including coming up with a random ditty here and there, reading, cleaning (tidying) up, and daydreaming (although I admit, I do that plenty of daydreaming already).

Although the thing I am thinking of the most here is reading. Ah, it is a thing I haven’t done in much consistency since I was a young lad. Yet here I am, having just finished The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. It is a truly magnificent book if not a slightly demoralizing (hooray for dictionary/thesaurus.com, for those of us who are not entirely familiar with the workings of this horrid thing called English) book. For some reason it slightly scared me in ways. But one of the things it said was that wrongs can sometimes creep up on one’s actual outside features, such as the eyes, the hands, etc. Well, being a perfectly logical person, I went, “ What the jhjieu? My fingers are kinda crooked, just look at my pinky fingers! And great ghost of those not in the grave, my teeth are kind of jagged too…” And so, I just figured I was just a really big asshole, at least more so than usual.

Which ends one of my biggest, say nothings (I ..dislike that phrase), of all time, probably tied right up there with all the other things I’ve ever said/written.

maybe i should come up with a proper title from now on, or not....


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mourning.glory said...

Young lad? Hah, where'd that come from? The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde... Extra credit for Burkhart?

karma police said...

oh snappers! I'm reading that book! :O

I'm not done though.. I think it's funny how we both chose that book to do....

So far the book is interesting, and so far it's really making me think.

if i were to annotate it, there would be too many highlights and all the pages would be soggy.