Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Proper Title Should Be Here

I am now thoroughly determined to pump out enough article things to push the monthly amount to at least 10, no matter how many I will need. Although I’m pretty sure I shall fail, and that this will probably be the last thing I write for another few years.

When a person does almost anything that could be considered “creative”, writing, painting, making music, they will always put a piece of themselves in it. Sometimes it’s conscious, sometimes it’s not. When it’s not, it will influence them regardless. When it is, then it becomes a little fun. Usually, it’s with words.

A person use words that could mean a lot to themselves, but to someone else, it could mean something entirely different. Obviously this will happen for every song, every sentence, every piece of literature. But of the words are simple enough, and also vague enough, they can be distorted fairly easily. This isn’t a bad thing though, any artist will not always try to instill their feelings onto another very explicitly. Sometimes they just play around with an audience, if there is one.

Let’s take, for example, something I can’t resist using. Tegan and Sara, do this pretty well. They rarely use the words he/she, or names either. I can only think of a handful of times that happened. “hold, out for the ones you know will love you, hide, out from the ones you know will love you…” What?..didn’t that just contradict itself?, almost as much as my sentence structure there did…
Well, for whoever just read it, depending on our mood, our current feelings, what’s on our minds right now, our experiences, our fears, our dreams, everything.

Or “I’m not proud, that nothing will seem easy about me…” well, whatever you think it is. You can take it in a dirty manner or something better, hopefully.

“I won’t regret saying this thing, that I’m saying” saying to who? Saying what?...maybe just to themselves…..sometimes even the context of the song doesn’t tell thing

“I feel the knife going in, I’m feeling anxious, not enough to kill me, I thought it’d happen fast…” well you could take that quite literally, or maybe that’s the kind of thing that’s on your mind maybe a knife could allude to any number of things…
To be honest…the it’s about a dream the songwriter had where she was stabbed but didn’t die..or something…because apparently if you die in your dreams you die in real life, and if that happened in that instance, I’d be pretty bummed out.

I absolutely hate the tone I’m giving off right now. It seems too…weird. It’s kind of disgusting. When I read it in my head, it sounds like a deep, aristocratic voice…which I hate…musta been that picture gray book thing…but I despise it…I wish I hadn’t written in this manner……holysh*tmotherf*ckerwhichwouldkindofbetechnicallyyourdadinawaymaybenotbutholysh*tthereitisagain…..I think that kinda helped….hopefully I can snap out of this


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