Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can't Change Me

Sometimes people change, for any number of reasons. They might new people, become interested in something that…interests them, encounter new situations, and blahblah. Other times, perhaps, they may become more of them themselves. Maybe with a chance, they do show themselves, it’s either shot down or embraced. Maybe they never had that chance before, and you may not like it when they take advantage of that chance. But who are you to them, or who are they to you, if you despise this “new” person?

Some people can change very easily. With the flick of a finger, and the pain of some noise, they become oh so very different. Not that it matters, of course that is assuming they matter to you. Maybe some people don’t change, and don’t welcome new things that are out of their little safety net, and it can frustrate others. Well, that’s just how some people are, but it’s not like giving up will help either, nor will doing the exact same thing. You can keep trying to break a very large rock, maybe to no avail, or you can just try to something else, like blowing the shi** out of it with a bomb or something. Change of plans, but same wanted result.

Some people are often lost for words. It could be because they’re in shock, in pure admiration, maybe bathing in the sight of something magnificent, or maybe they’re vocal cord was just torn out. Other people just never find the words to say. Some people always do know what to say, what to do, and when to do it. Others are just completely oblivious and idiotic. It’s hard to give aid and relief, when you can’t say anything. It’s also probably really hard to bear the shame of being shunned, maybe because your vocal cord isn’t exactly functional at the moment.

You know how you are, know how it is, and you also know that somewhere, that something, still lingers

-digital delay

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the clam said...

Yeah...people can change easily.