Saturday, May 17, 2008

Somewhere... Not Here

I’ve always wondered what traveling consistently and constantly would feel like. Plenty of people do, but more than most of us don’t ever get the chance to, or are just never willing to attempt to. Whether it be touring, traveling from city to city to play matches or games, just following all those games, or just plain visiting, it must be a refreshing and tiring ordeal. You get the chance to visit the world, get away from your own life, and see new things. It also must be a challenge, to have to travel so much, never settling, and never staying in one spot for too long.

I’ve wondered how many people actually try to go out into the world, with little to nothing. There was that movie that described a guy’s ordeal through the wilderness, and how he got there, with little. I’m sure plenty of people have hitchhiked across the country. I’m sure plenty more people have thought about trying such an improbable and risqué thing.

It would be a wonderful thing to periodically escape your typical situation and lifestyle. It would be a relief. It could also be absolutely terrible and disheartening. I guess we just have to settle for that annual vacation.

On side notes…

Are the Red Wings letting the Stars slip in a bit here?

(sadly, and laughably, the San Jose Sharks did indeed win that series against Calgary…)

Will Boston ever win on the road?

Stanley Cup finals and NBA finals both in Detroit?...maybe…

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