Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's the Point?

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Have you ever asked yourself, what's the point?
What's the point of thinking, when all it does is make your head hurt?
What do you think about?
Thinking about thinking is quite interesting and annoying, if you think about it.

Once in a while, I would be, say, walking in a neighborhood, and i would think about what people are doing in that house.
How about this house? What are people thinking about in there?
Could they possibly be thinking the same thing I'm thinking? (which is thinking about what they're thinking?)
Oh, I'm just confusing myself. . .

But then, millions of other curious questions are unanswered...just waiting.
What's it feel like to be a ghost?
Somewhere, on the other side of the world, is there another person that is exactly like me? Like, does everybody have an evil twin?
How do you build a time machine?
Is the universe really infinate?
Where do you really go after you die? Will you be wearing the same clothes that you died in?
How was the world created? What if, this entire world that we live in did not exist at all? That all of this, the things around you, including you, are just a hallucination?
What do people really think about you?
What happens when people don't turn out to be who you thought they were?
What does the thrill of sky diving feel like?
Who took the time to think of and make up all the math, science, languages, etc., in the first place?
Who has the longest full name ever?
What will happen if things did not change?
What is something that absolutely nobody has ever ever seen before?
And countless more questions like these.

Minds are constantly exploding with questions, but which ones?
All of these you see what my point is? Well, I certainly don't, because I'm thinking that there really is no point to this at all. Is there?

Who am I?

(P.S. I counted 30 question marks... I was aiming for 50+.)

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