Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Day Before Tomorrow...Today!

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I'm staring at this blog right now, and I am really depressed at the blankness over the past week. So, in complete stupidity and spontaneity...

It's world, tv, and music talk time!

Yeah, how bad is that? But since there's been so many things going on (and since I have alllll the time in the world yeah right), I'll just blabble about all of it right now.

Let's start off with...uh, well, since it's been so big in the news: the world's natural disasters. The mother of Caspian—there's been an earthquake in China, a cyclone in Myanmar, wildfires in California and Florida, tornadoes in the mid-west/east US, and hail/snow and thunderstorms in southern California (right after it was BLAZING hot). You know, Mother nature is finally giving us the spank we deserve for not taking care of mommy.

Hmm...ooh! I just read this up on Yahoo. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (who is pregnant with twins...what's up with Hollywood and twins?) just bought a brand new estate in southern France. A $70 million home. Yeah. Some people live under a rock (no, seriously) and some people live in homes that includes a three mile long driveway, a private lake, a moat (yup), and a private FOREST. Absurd, but cool. With all their different children, it must be really international at home. But really, Brangelina are truly good people. The two celebrities I hear most that have helped the less fortunate countries are these two.

Then there was Dancing with the Stars. It ended about a week ago (from this post). Kristi Yamaguchi won (as expected from day one...or even day negative fourteen). Mark Ballas finally got the win he would've gotten last season, so yay for both of those two.

And how can we forget about American Idol. Congrats, David Cook. I've watched some of his interviews, and really, Cook's a good speaker in interviews. He has a good choice of words (that I could never think of), and he answers everything confidently (and if you haven't noticed, a pretty versatile and good singer). David Archuleta, sadly, didn't win, even though his ballads were well sung (but you can't imagine him singing anything else). Sorry Archie, Ms. Sparks still holds the youngest spot.

"AAARRRGGGGHHH!!! I AM TOA!" Calm down there, Gladiator. Ever since American Gladiators (season 2) started, I've been watching it. I personally think it's better than the first season...I really like the new challenges. Pretty uberly cool. Even the slim guy who won last season, Evan, is back, and he's the buffed up gladiator named Jet. Amazingly, he's doing a good job at being a gladiator.

Hmm, and then the one my mother watches...The Bachelorette. All I know (from what I've overheard) is that the girl, Deanna Pappas, got dumped by the guy last season (The Bachelor...which, by the way, never happens unless something is seriously knocked up with the guy) and now she's been given the chance to rub it back in his face. Girls are scary, aren’t they? -runs away from angry mob-

Ooh, that must have been painful... The new season of So You Think You Can Dance? has just started. As usual, a bunch of ballet, hip-hop, poppers, and the ordinary weird dancers appeared at the auditions. But that one single dude at the very end of the first audition episode made my day--that popper--is downright the BEST one ever.

Hahaha, and I keep laughing. Kobe Bryant's latest attempt to "jump" over ridiculous and seems-like-impossible things is a jump over a pool of snakes (that, to me, look harmless, especially because other people are swimming in the pool with no problem at all). So really, if he fell in, nothing would happen (so where's the excitement?). His first attempt was jumping over this car that was speeding towards him. Don't ask me on that one, I have no idea if that was real.

There's this extremely cocky guy on Top Chef (on Bravo channel), and he's irritating me to the tips of my nerves. Seriously—he punched a locker and BENT it because he lost a simple challenge...jeez, deal with it, dude.

The wild definitely isn't a fear of Bear Grylls'. He's the guy that's on Man Vs. Wild, on Discovery Channel. He fights his way through all different sorts of terrains, and shows us important survival techniques. It's awesome...especially when he picked up this lizard, swung it like a baseball bat, hit its head on a branch, skinned it, cooked it, and ate it like a carnivore. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

"Dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun!" Uh, how many D's are in that thing? Anyhow, that's the theme song from Indiana Jones. It's all hyped up right now, although I'm not. You know why? Last time I went to Disneyland, they threw me off the line from the Indiana Jones ride because I was too short...TOO SHORT! Shame on them.

Leona, just keep on bleeding, and we'll keep on hearing. I swear—I think I've heard her song a gazillion times already on the radio...even now, "I keep bleeding, I keep on bleeding love" is still ringing inside my head. Ahh!!

-breathes- -pants- I'm serious—that was probably the most satisfying article I've written so far. I actually enjoyed myself while writing it...since this time around, I'm not teaching some cheesy life lesson. Instead, I'm just ranting about the world!...if that was even a rant...

-the clam.

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digital delay said...

wow..long...entertainment news..haha

(survivor man...)

kobe's first one was fake....

wow..thats sad..indiana jones is my favorite ride there..even though i havent been there in a while

a girl. scary huh? said...

Wow, that must have taken a lot of effort. "You know, Mother nature is finally giving us the spank we deserve for not taking care of mommy." That's funny, yet so true. Hey! You got the Indiana Jones song stuck in my head AGAIN! "Girls are scary, aren’t they?" Ahem. Excuse me? Is someone STILL in the 'girls have cooties' stage?