Saturday, May 31, 2008

May's Theme: Greed and Desperation

Hm, looks like our good sides got the best of us. Our un-greediness has prevented us to write a large amount of articles this month (although I was desperate to reach at least the 15 article mark). We've only landed 12 articles this month (including this one).

Without further ado, and as usual, the summary:

Scrubbing for my Dollar: Is getting everything you want a good thing?
The Way We Get By: Desperate times call for desperate measures...or so they say.
[Untitled]: Feelings of yourself and the world will collide.
Just One Moment, Frozen: Everyone grows up, at some point.
Help! My Favorite Place Has Been Invaded by Vampires and Now I'm Being Held Captive!: Wake-up calls to the things surrounding you everyday.
What's the Point?: Questions of the ever-expanding life.
Somewhere...Not Here: Traveling is never just an imagination.
Can't Change Me: No one else knows about you, nor do you know about someone else.
Can Something be Everything?: Nothing can be a something, can it?
the 'oh no' situation: A mistake isn't the end of the world.
The Day Before Tomorrow...Today!: Current world, TV, and music news talk time!

Going back through all of these articles, it's a nice pleasure to see all these great topics we, the Acquired Minds, have talked about. Yup, that's something only the Acquired Minds can write!

Cheers to next month's (June) theme: Letting Go. Have a nice, enjoyable summer beginning!

-the clam.

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