Sunday, May 25, 2008

the 'oh no' situation

So, what happens when you're a failure? What happens when you're in a sort of "Fiasco" ? You handle the situation, correct? Or do you run from it. Many times you realize that holy crud, I completely forgot that today my final project is due. You think "this is the end of my life" or worse "I am going to die right now". But really, is it that bad?

You spend your life, or at least I do, getting ready for something. You're given the instructions not to screw up, and when you do, you're not sure you're going to make it. In fact, all you can think about is what's going to happen when such-and-such finds out, or how you'll be punished. What I want to know is why is it that no one thinks ahead of that?

I find that when you're in a bad situation, the best thing to do is to think the words 'there will always be a tomorrow'. Because, unless the world's ending, there really will be a tomorrow. Sure, things seem bad, but eventually there will be some sort of good thing. Or at least I hope there will be. When you realize that final project is due, or that you're forgotten what's happened the night before, the only thing I can tell you is take a breath and remember there will always be a tomorrow. Say it in your head, and then face your consequences full on. Fight back, reason, compromise- do what you have to do.

Do not in under any circumstance, decide to kill yourself with a knife attached to a bike.*

What goes around, comes around;
Karma Police

*p.s. I was indeed linking to Elizabethtown.

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