Saturday, November 1, 2008

at the speed of BLANK

There are two ways to view life as we know it: it's half full, or half empty. Depending on a persons mood (whether they've had a good day- whether they've gotten laid), maybe they can be 'okay', a perfect balance of in between. Is that really possible, though, in the world today when kids hang themselves because of messages on social networks such as myspace? The answer is- 'uhhh.. yeah?'

Gwen Stefani once said 'times goes by so slowly', and yet Muse on the contrary crooned that 'our time is running out', so which exactly is it? I'll tell you that when I'm in those last ten minutes before school ends it's the first, yet when I'm with someone I love, it seems to go by in a flash. All in all, it seems we have little control over time no matter what we may think. No matter how many to do lists you make, you can't exactly control your bladder so your need to pee strikes at exactly nine forty-five in the morning.

Really, you can never have a strict hold on time. Sure, we can have a gist or a guesstimation of sorts, but no matter what you can't keep sand from slipping through cracks naked to your eyes. You can't keep certain people from thinking of you and calling you up when you really do have to study for your finals.

You can't prevent an argument about orange juice when it's just inevitable and it wasn't part of your itinerary.
So, Tuesday is the big big day for all of us in the U.S.A. Obama or Mccain? I guess time can only tell who wins and who can be the best for us.


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the clam said...

Nicely written :).