Friday, November 14, 2008


Recently, there have been several judgments on the controversial issue of gay marriage. States such as California, Arizona, and Florida have all passed legislature defining marriage as between a man and a woman. In California, both sides of Prop 8 (which overturned a previous ruling, Prop 22) produced substantial amounts of fundraised money, both totaling more than $35 million.

Arguments flew in both directions. Many of those who backed propositions/changes to the state constitution were religious. Many religions, actually most might be a more proper word, are fundamentally against the marriage of two members of the same sex. Supposedly, there are numerous teachings, readings, and etc. that have formed the basis of their argument. Many can cite the Bible in a way as to disapprove of gay marriage, and use examples such as Adam and Eve. Some would say homosexuality is a sin itself, others would say that homosexual deeds (such as gay marriage) are sinful. Even others are open supporters of gays. It’s a sticky situation, one that I have no right to speak of, since I don’t know enough of it in the first place.

Still others may even use a biological argument. Conception can come only with the help of both a man and a woman. Both of the uhm, organs..., are needed to reproduce. If all that is so, then perhaps women and men belonged together, and in no other way?

At the same time however, there are also an abundance of arguments backing same sex marriage. Who’s to say one cannot love one another? Marriage in the eyes of many is the ultimate consummation of one’s love and faith for another individual. Also, many arguments against it are religious in nature, even when this is placed in the hands of the law, and not of religious institutions. Is government affected by religion that much? Is it right for a ruling body to deal out rulings affecting many? Not all people in a state or country are religious, not all of them have a fundamental belief against gays, and what the hell does marriage really mean (at least in a law sense)? Other areas in the world I believe have allowed same sex marriage (I believe I’m correct when I say that Canada has?).

The biological argument I’m sure can be interpreted in many ways. I mean, cakes are meant to be eaten, but I’m sure people throw it too, ain’t no controversy there eh?

I’m not telling you what to choose though (.......ignore the image?..). Maybe you’re undecided, then you should work this out. You have to find out what you’re beliefs are, what your morals are, what your values are, and what’s important to you. Our basic morals and values are of course given to us as young children; there can always be slight changes, and perhaps even major upheavals of it. But if you just keep swaying, if you just keep moving along to the wind (or beat), then you won't end up anywhere. You’ll be tossed around like a just eaten lasagna in a runner’s stomach that is about to be thrown up.


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