Sunday, November 30, 2008

November's Theme: Slipping Hourglass

Things are picking up slow at the end of November and the start of December. Sorry, but apparently we have lives... (haha). We hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Let’s start, shall we?

What About What? – Who said being selfish was a bad thing?
at the speed of BLANK – Life’s empty times.
Sift Through the Hourglass – Time goes by ever so slowly...and ever so quickly.
Stumble here, Stumble There – When will you 'stumble' on the perfect situation?
Ode To The Nice Guys – A special ode to all those nice(r) guys in the world [credits to Wharton Undergraduate Journal].
Smiles Spungold Wine – The unnoticed influence of the winding world.
To our heroes. – To those over the seas, and to those at home, and to any who served so valiantly, we honor you.
...PROPS..... – Whose side are you on?
. – Endless questions abound.
Let It Snow(: - The holiday season is a present full of joy.
Been There, Done That – When do we ever have enough time?

Honestly, “.” has got to be the most epic article name ever (well, next to [Untitled] of course). Although it makes it really hard to click the article to read it...maybe that was the point? -shrug- That's just DD I guess.

Hoorah! We made it to month of giving and joy. Cheers to December’s theme: 365 Days.

-the clam.

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