Saturday, November 1, 2008

What About What?

Sometimes we live for ourselves. We indulge in ourselves. We love to talk about ourselves. Why? No matter how much we think we may hate ourselves, our own self is probably the most important thing to us, in more ways than one.

For example, let’s say two people are drinking orange juice, which just happens to be from Costco, and it also happened to come alone and not in any combined packages. As both finish drinking, they realize a momentous dilemma is upon them. Who shall return the carton of O.J. to the fridge, which so happens to be a few steps away? For the next few minutes, or moments, the two argue ceaselessly, when in that time they could have had some more orange juice, returned the carton, and then learned how to play the theremin. One argues that ‘the one who takes it out’ puts it back, while the other says that ‘the last one to use it puts it back’. Well, it soon becomes resolved. Then the next day the same thing happens, except they each use the other excuse to fit their situation.

So there really was no rule there, neither of them just wanted to put it back…

Often times, even when we think we are doing something for the better of other’s, there’s a good chance we’re doing a big part of it for ourselves.

For another oddly surreal example, I’ll throw in the moon and the sun into one big cluster----k. Maybe the sun thinks the moon doesn’t like it, and vice versa, so they soon become terribly terrified the other will one day decide to try and kill it if they meet. So, they spend their whole lives running away from each other, or is it chasing each other...

Well, while they might think they’re doing a good thing by avoiding any interstellar conflict, they really could just be scared for themselves. To be honest, if I was one, I’d be scared of ramming into some giant rock/molten fireball.

Although scientifically, actually logically (or actually common sense would be better…), none of any of that would be even remotely possible.

So what’s the right thing? The thing we think is right? The thing we think is right that’s affected by those around us? The thing other people think is right but we don’t actually know since we’ve never been told?

I don’t know… f--- you.


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karma police said...

haha we're all just selfish, aren't we :) ?

my.great.ESCAPE. said...

Very very real(:

I liked the videos too..