Friday, November 28, 2008

Been There, Done That

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“It’s almost like it happened yesterday.”

No doubt about that. Just a year ago, I was go-kart riding, slamming on the gas pedal and whizzing around the lanes—the closest thing I’ve gotten to the real thing. But just a year ago? That’s hard to believe. As fast as those karts were going, time passed by just as quick.

Not long after giving thanks, it’s now time to give presents.

And after giving presents, it’s time to start a new year.

The never-ending cycle just doesn’t end.

You value your family. You value your friends. It seems like we have so much time to value everything, but we always keep on complaining “there’s just not enough time”. I sometimes wonder if it’s the world that doesn’t have time, or if it’s just us who don’t have enough time.

Humans are given the gift to live decades upon decades, and you compare that to the lifespan of an ant—who doesn’t survive more than a couple seconds before someone comes along and “accidentally” steps on it. It’s true we don’t live as long as a tortoise, but who’s to say we don’t have enough time? I mean, do you want to live 150 years? Do you want to be there when global warming kills everything in existence? Do you want to be there when Denmark becomes an unhappy place? Do you want to be there when chimpanzees take over the world? Do you want to be there when the 43rd President dies YES?

We have the best lifespan of any living (or even nonliving things…which will survive forevermore unless it’s destroyed purposely) thing on Earth. And yet we still complain we don’t have enough time…

Even I don’t have enough time right now. But then again, who ever does?

-the clam.

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