Sunday, June 22, 2008

A.M. Logo Selection!

After five months, I thought that we should finally get ourselves a logo. So, I created 20 logos for you to choose from.

Look below. Choose your top 3 favorite logos from the selection. Send your choices to, listing them in the order you like best. For example:

1. #[logo number]
2. #[logo number]
3. #[logo number]

Please also include any suggestions/changes you would like to see to the logo. If you'd prefer that logo in a different color/font, please tell me. I am open to any suggestions. I have something in mind that I want to do, and I need a logo to go along with it, so please help us choose a logo!

(c) 2008. All logos belong to Use of the logos is not permitted unless given direct permission. Contact if you have any questions. Thank you!

-the clam.

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Anonymous said...

that's really stupid.