Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hysterical Deliria

There’s only one way to settle an office dispute of epic proportions……..Office War!

[Man With Two Brains]
(Well then The Man With Two Brains says "It's a science
I've got one for my actions, one for my conscience)

That’d be pretty freaky if we had two brains. Each one is cooperating with the other, yet still completely different beings. Does that mean there are two separate people, or just one, with its faculties split up into to two? One brain for your actions, which means it doesn’t care at all about what happens. The other brain is for your consequences, it does the dirty work in other words. It cleans up the messes the stupid action brains does. Still, if they cooperate, then they could possibly act like one brain, in a way. Maybe it’s just as Jack O’Neill says it, “I’m gonna lose it, it means go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo, no longer in posession of one’s faculties, three fries short of a happy meal, wacko!”

((It will be OK)
I don't know about that (It's the American way)
Yeah, maybe that's where it's at (You were raised that way)
The Europeans say (The Man With Two Brains))

I’m sure the rest of the world probably thinks America is wacko. But then again, we think the rest of the world is wacko too. That’s how we grew up, and maybe that’s how it’s going to be for a long time.

Congrats to the Celtics, after a serious punch to the head of a Lakers team that lost its center of gravity with a score of 131-92.

Helium balloons can get annoying, pretty much only when the float away, or run out of helium though.

Alexander the Great ******* conquered people. Yes, so did the Romans, or Genghis Khan, but who has the word ‘great’ in their name? Alexander the Great was who. Which is why he’s so...great? He either brought people together, or was a bloody mad man, either way.

Iron Man had the chance to be, or was, a good movie, until Iron Man never really fought in a mumbo jumbo kick-butt finale fight scene. SPOILER ALERT!...he told some girl to press a stupid switch…wow…

According to this list, the most badass stunt ever performed in the name of science is when Werner Forssmann cut his arm, and stuck a catheter up into his heart. Then he walked over to the X-Ray room and well, got an X-ray? Wow, that dude was insane, but 27 years after he got fired, he won a Nobel Prize. I’d want to post that whole article here, but it’s too long…and hilarious, for my article. This stunt beat plenty of others, guys drinking stomach-eating bacteria, and another dude who stuck himself in a rocket with a few rocket engines latched to it to test the effect of Gs on pilot’s bodies.

What’s a balaclava?!


Whose Line Is It Anyway?
I want them to wake up in the morning to read that headline that says……It’s time for your sponge bath! I want them to feel so...dirty about this that they want to clean themselves!

My pants….metal!

You don’t trust in yourself
For at least one minute each day

I shouldn’t go when I feel this building,
I shouldn’t go
But I can’t really help it
When I feel this

hahaha....very funny...


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