Friday, June 20, 2008

perhaps with the light off, too

I'm going to be completely honest; there have been times when I've considered just offing myself or hurting myself. I know it sounds stupid, right? This is supposed to be a sort of advice column isn't it? Well, it's true, and isn't that even more important (The truth, that is) ?

Now, what is the reason to my thinking such a preposterous thing? Well, for one thing, I get annoyed/pissed/angry/mad very easily. I guess you could say I'm pretty sensitive; I jump to conclusions easily, and I overthink way too many things. I also have a knack for keeping it all in and letting it out at the wrong moments. There are times when I just want to be alone, or just want to punch the wall so that that huge angry monster in my chest will go away and I can feel better. In a way, it feels powerful to have this feeling, but in more ways it's dangerous.

Something I've developed is the art of letting things go. I don't mean letting my fist punch the wall, or letting that blade cut my skin or whatever- what I mean is, to let the little things just be what they are: little.

Take for example th(i/e)s(e): Your parents yelling at you and telling you that you need to make use of your life and learn something. Or maybe they're telling you that you spend too much time out with your friends doing stupid things that won't help in life. Either way, they're pissing you off.

Now, here's where letting things go helps. Instead of screaming back, this is what I would do. I would take it all, then go someplace and take deep breaths. I'd say something to comfort myself- anything to comfort myself really. I'd say that 'okay fine, I won't go out tomorrow' or 'okay fine I'll have more chances' or 'okay that's all right, they say that now but they'll forget tomorrow'. Those are the things I say to myself, and I take a lot of deep breaths and think about something else- or maybe do something else- and eventually that little thing is forgotten and I feel fine again.

It can help at times when you're over thinking things, too. Just take deep breaths and in a way just let everything out. It's weird, but it's like you're breathing out all the bad stuff. All that bad evil stuff.

Maybe this is too personal, but maybe it might help. I don't know if it will or not, but whatever. I just know that there are people in the world like me, and I just want them to know that. I'm hiding behind this alias so it's not like anyone other than my fellow writers will report this as scandal of the year. Don't worry!

Whatever goes around comes around;
-Karma Police

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