Friday, June 6, 2008

Forgive or Forget?

Letting go of something could be pretty hard. We're talking: letting go of memories, letting go of dreams, letting go of love...It is natural in life to just let go.

There are those times in your life when you just have to accept what is going on and move on. Watch the baby grow up to be a child, learning to live without that blankie...and the proud parents watching their Little One grow up to be an adult like theirselves...

For some people, it takes longer to recover from a relationship than others. Letting go of love can be pretty hard! I mean, you've been spending "forever" with this person, and all of a sudden, you're just not? One day, you'll wake up, and realize that you have to start over. Begin a whole new chapter in your life; let the old one collect dust. It has had its time and fame, and now, you can move on. You can let go of the past.

That's right. The PAST is the key to this subject. How many times have you done something in your life that you ended up regretting? How many of you live your life without regrets?? When something happens, should you forgive or forget? Forgive and forget? I don't know about you, but when it can be hard for me to admit I am wrong. I just can't accept it. But of course, sooner or later, I would eventually have to accept it, move along, and forget about it. If it was an honest mistake? Forgive that friend, let go of the situation, move on. Everybody makes mistakes, and half those people deserve a second chance. For some, a second chance is all they need...

And if you refuse to let go? How much longer can you keep holding on?

It does not have to be the end,

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me...(or as some say..DD...or something like that) said...

"if you refuse to let go? How much longer can you keep holding on"