Friday, June 6, 2008

A Cycle, A Lifestyle

There are many types of letting go. There's letting go of a hand to get onto a school bus on your first day of school, there's letting go of what's holding you onto the edge of a cliff. They're both different, in many more ways than one, but yet they're the same.

Let's take a back track to before the 'letting go', think back to the 'holding on' part. Think back to when you extended your hand, your heart, your mind, towards that one thing, and latched on. That's the most important part of 'letting go' because without 'holding on' first, there wouldn't be a 'letting go'.

A child's blankie; something given to them not long after they're born. Perhaps even before, at a baby shower. That blanket is what keeps them company. When they're a baby, they lay on it, when they're a toddler they carry it around. It's their best friend, until they outgrow it. There's the 'letting go'. and after a few moments of complete loss, the child is bound to find something else to cling onto: perhaps a doll.

Letting go can't always be for the worst. Perhaps you're in a dead-end job that you can't quit because your boss thinks you love it there and your boss is a 'friend-outside-of-work'. Then one day, they go bankrupt, and what do you know, he tells you he's sorry, but he has to let you go.

Then there is the letting go, literally. Hanging on a wall with nothing but a big huge ten foot space of air between yourself and a cushion, you make the choice: hang on, or don't. Then it's either you fearfully climb back down, or you fall, fall, fall and feel that wooshing feeling in your stomach and your hair whipping around your face. Either way you land on the ground, or on something stable. Something else to lay on- something else to hang on to until you have to let go.

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mourning.glory said...

Very insightful. So right about without holding on, there wouldn't be a letting go. "The wooshing feeling in your stomach." Like when you come down on the swings. I love that feeling. "Think back to when you extended your hand, your heart, your mind, towards that one thing, and latched on." Wonderful.