Saturday, June 21, 2008

Erringly Straying

Hopes and expectations, in a way, are very different. Sometimes they’re extremely different, comparable, but nonetheless as different as peacocks and Gatorade. I’m sure plenty of people would like to become famous, make cruise-loads of money, and all that. But to be honest, do you expect to? Do you really tell yourself that in a few years, you’ll be rich and on top of the world. Even if your hopes and dreams aren’t exactly stardom, maybe just doing what you love, meeting someone you can love, and being perfectly happy with life, sometimes, you can laugh at yourself for things as simple as that. You don’t expect anything at all to change, but that doesn’t mean you’d sure like them to.

The funny thing is, those very expectations could get in the way of those hopes, those dreams. If you don’t expect much at all to happen, there’s a good chance nothing at all will. Just because something is improbable, that doesn’t make it impossible to do. If you never expect to achieve your dreams, it means you never really tried to in the first place. Goals are achievable, well, because if they weren’t, there wouldn’t be too many albums, movies, and T.V. shows going around know would there?

Too often, those expectations get in the way of those dreams.

Hopefully, those dreams are reasonable…but then again…that’d be a bit contradictory…

Or maybe…those people decided to become whatever they are because they couldn't figure out anything else they wanted to be.

-digital delay

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