Friday, June 20, 2008

Faded Buttons

(thanks to "'s gadgetfreak blog" for the photo!)

It's been...exactly fifteen days since my last post. Those fifteen days were filled to the brim with events though. But that's exactly what happens in June—school starts to end for kids, summer begins, graduations are in full swing, and emotions fly. It's normal, even though the schedules are hectic. I guess it's safe to say all of us here are going through the same things (which would explain our article-shortage).

Okay, so you're wondering what the title of this post means (or maybe not, but I'll explain anyways). I was flipping through the channels on the TV. Every channel that I wanted to watch had a commercial on, so I was bored. I took a look at my remote. Boy, was it used. The 'select' button became the 's t' button instead. The '5' button was merely a smooth, blank blue button (ooh, triple b's). Those buttons were seriously over-pressed. We've had that same remote for five years though (long-lasting!). And no, we don't have plastic wrap all over it...we just...don't.

It's just like doing the same task again and again. Eventually, it'll fade, and get boring (unless your life depended on it). People always say "Try something new!", but insecurities always keeps us from doing so. You're just too used to doing something already, and moving on to something else feels too risky. But rewards don't come without risks, and that's the frustrating part of it.

That's when you have to let go of insecurities. Maybe you're not a risk-taker, but that doesn't mean you can't let go. Holding onto things too long will just make you decay--no, correct me. The thing you're holding onto--that will decay. It's going to go away sooner or later. If you let go now, you'll be less hurt later. I know this is a lot to say, because I'm dealing with letting go as well. There's always a part in life where you have to let go--it's just a matter of when.

When it's time to replace a remote, you replace it. When it's time to try something new, you hesitate...but you'll do it anyway.

-the clam.

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