Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wonder How A.M. Got Started?

Yes, sometimes, I wonder myself how this blog began. If you're interested, you can now read all about how Acquired Minds began. Even when I read it to myself, it feels and sounds a bit awkward. But because of what happened, we have what we have today. So have fun reading it!

Click here to go see 'Acquired Minds: The History'!

Watch this space for more and more articles in the future!

-the clam.

P.S. Read this at any time, because the link to the page can now always be found on the right side -->.

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1 comment:

Nathaniel Stanton said...

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I think it's a great time to talk about beginnings when all we're getting is endings. End of school, last time to see some friends, separations. It's a good feeling looking back at the old times, where there were still many months before we even had to think about separating and going our own ways. But somehow, I know that we'll all be able to see each other again. This isn't goodbye for good. It's just see you later. (Those two sentences were overused by me.)

Crap. I have a paragraph full of shit right there. Nothing much said about the article other than what I said about how brilliant it was...IT'S ALSO AWESOME.