Friday, July 11, 2008

Acquired Minds: Info-Center!


I have worked tirelessly in the past two days. I have been anticipating to create this site for a very long time now, and I finally got it done. We have managed to create a brand new branch of Acquired Minds--introducing, the:

Acquired Minds: Info-Center

What is it? It's an entire website dedicated to providing you with all the info you will ever need to know about the Acquired Minds. Wondering how we started? Have a question? Want to know more about us? It's all included with the Info-Center.

The button to the site will be located on top of the sidebar, over there -->. We hope you enjoy it, and we hope you find it to your convenience. In celebration of the opening of our YouTube account, my.great.ESCAPE made us a fantastic summary/intro video for us. Thanks, MGE!

(image credits are shown in the video when you view it at YouTube. Thanks to all those websites/people!)

Alright--go check out the Info-Center!

-the clam.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love the idea of the info center! mad props to MGE for the video. . .it is sweet!!!!

always here!