Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shallow Depth

Have any of you heard of those satirical news reports? Examples would be The Onion, and the Kensington Report. They basically make fun of random stuff, and it’s hilarious to watch, but one recently caught my attention. It was a Kensington Report one about the subject of, “celebrities are actually super humans.” They basically said celebrities are super humans who are better than us in every way. It seems rather random, but in a way it’s kind of true. What makes a celebrity a celebrity? Fame, power, money, who they know, relationships? Don’t all of us want that? We really don’t know what defines one, if we did, then we all could be one, which would mean that nobody is a celebrity, which is kind of an oxymoron but kind of isn’t.

We think that these celebrities are just amazing, perfect examples of what humans should be. Naturally, because they’re famous, they’re better than everyone else. We envy them, want to be like them, glorify them in magazines, in the media, in the press. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people; this is a thing of the mass audience. We want to see what we think is perfect, we want to know what perfect is, we want to see and know, so we can try and achieve it. Which frankly is impossible, since perfect is dependent on who you ask, and who we are, are who we are, who they are, are who they are. A bit repetitive there, but that’s the best way I could phrase it. So it’s all a fake. Everything is over bloated and exaggerated. Yet still we search, pore for the latest gossip. All of it is to just make you feel good. The magazines tell you, it’s not your fault, and nothing is good enough for you. You always deserve the “best”, even if they, and you, don’t know what that is. But for ***** sake, you go ahead and tell yourself! You don’t need some stupid people writing shit to rip some money off of you to make you feel good.

Isn’t it kind of possible they’re just normal people? They most certainly are. They are what any normal person would do with fame and money. If you had money and fame, would you still live like you do right now?

I’ve always wondered what my ideal life would be. If would ever want to be famous. I guess it would kind of be nice to be perhaps slightly famous, in that indie kind of way where you’re not exactly super famous. I definitely do not want paparazzi hounding me, to live in a huge gigantic mansion, to be super rich, to be all over those damn magazines and t.v., and a bunch of other stuff. In fact, I’m the last person in which all that would happen too. And I really don’t mind, because I really would not care too much about that. Having a good income that keeps you well off is fine with me, having a nice little house that’s big enough, not over-sized, you get the point.

With everything, do we not want more? There will always be something more expensive, fancier, classier, hipper, richer, but is any of that going to make you happy?

The Onion is great. My personal favorite is the one where the Supreme Court ruled the death penalty legal because it was “totally badass”. Except for one judge, who said it wasn’t ruthless enough. (read the bottom headlines too)

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